Photo Upload Page
Please read the Upload-FAQ and the details of our rejection criteria before uploading for the first time. We hope many of your questions will be addressed there. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Key Points about uploading
  • You must be the person who photographed the image you are uploading.
  • You need to have cookies enabled on your web browser.
  • The photo must be in jpeg format (with extension .jpg or .jpeg).
  • Filenames may only include A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the '-' and '_' sign. No spaces or plus signs. We suggest you name your files in a personalised way to minimise the likelihood that someone else's files may be identically named.
  • The minimum size for an image is 1000 x 667 pixels. For more details, see the size criterion here. A good size to choose — particularly if you are less experienced with uploading - is 1024 x 683. This will maximize the image quality. You can upload up to a maximum 1600 pixels wide/high - anything larger will be automatically downsized, which may degrade quality. Do bear in mind that the larger the image you upload, the more difficult it will be to reach our demanding quality standards.
  • Your image needs to be no greater than 1MB in size. If it is bigger it cannot be processed. Many things affect file size, particularly the image detail and dimensions. When editing, save your image at the maximum quality possible (but watch for the file size). This means applying the minimum jpeg compression — as compression affects quality by reducing the amount of digital 'information' in the image.
How to improve the chances of success requires high standards from our photographers. Many photos uploaded are rejected, so to minimize that likelihood please read and understand our rejection criteria and bear in mind the following key points:
  • Check the information you provide for your photo is correct when uploading. Please use the 'Auto Complete' function, but it still remains your responsibility to check the accuracy of the resulting information.
  • Use the Help menus provided to understand the category/categories to use.
  • Only upload your best shots — if you have a sequence, choose the best. Bear in mind the criterion of 'double', which generally means that two similar photos from the same sequence cannot both be uploaded.
  • Upload photos which include the whole aircraft, with no part covered or cropped out, unless the motive for doing the latter is clear.
  • Bear in mind we apply slightly lower standards for rare shots — e.g. old scans, brand new aircraft, new special paint schemes etc. Hence common subjects are more difficult to have accepted.
  • Be familiar with the camera equipment you are using, and understand the editing software that you use and/or the scanning process, so that the quality of your image is maximised. You may find our editing guide helpful if you are less familiar with how to edit digital photos.
  • Ask your fellow photographers for advice and constructive criticism in our Aviation Photography forum.
  • You will benefit from using a good graphics card (with at least 24bit color) and a monitor with resolution 1000x667 or higher and properly calibrated. You can download this monitor calibration program.
Many people struggle to get their first photos accepted here. With experience of our criteria and standards, together with a good knowledge of your equipment and editing/scanning techniques, your acceptance ratio will improve.

We strongly suggest that, if you are new to the site, you choose a few of your very best pictures to upload initially and wait for the feedback you will receive. The emails sent with rejections will include explanations for the rejection, and are aimed to help you understand what the difficulties were, or what needs to be done to improve the image.

The upload queue

Your first upload of a particular day will be placed last in the upload queue. Any subsequent photos you upload on that day will be grouped together in the same place in the queue as your first upload of the day. The number of photos you can have in the upload queue is dependant on a combination of your previous acceptance statistics and the number of photos you currently have in the database. You can find more information about this here.

Further Information
  • Visit the Aviation Photography Forum - a very useful place to get plenty of helpful advice and feedback.
  • View our new regulations regarding artificial generation of photo views.
  • Check your photo stats! - will show you how your photos are doing in the upload queue and, if you have photos in our main database, display some statistics on those.
  • My Photos - A section with information about photos already in our database. Here you can also change settings and view statistics.
  • Try out our re-upload page where you can send in better scans or new edits of photos that are already in our database (there is also a new latest reuploads section).
  • When you get your first photo accepted, you are entitled to shop in our Photographer Store.
We would welcome your comments here if you experience any difficulties with the uploading process. By uploading your photos to you agree to let us send you emails to the email address you have used. We may need to be able to contact you from time to time (we never give your email address to anyone and the emails sent will only be concerning and/or your photos).

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