Code Help
This field shall be used for codes. Many military aircraft carry them in addition to the serial (registration) to indicate an identity within a unit, or to indicate the home base. A detailed explanation of military code systems will be given in a future Help file.

Other codes that shall be listed in this field are fleetnumbers for civil aircraft when they carry them, show codes for e.g. the Paris and Hannover Air Shows, race- or rallynumbers, or any other identity not being a registration, construction number, or name on the outside of the aircraft (so, no SELCAL codes). Individual names painted on aircraft like e.g. "City of Melbourne" shall be listed in the Remarks field if you want to include them.

For warbirds, the fake military serials and codes shall be listed in this field. They shall be listed in the form as painted on the aircraft (so e.g. a warbird carrying fake USAAF serial 463864 shall not be listed as 44-63864, but as 463864, except when they have the data block below the cockpit with the full serial, then the full serial shall be listed). When a warbird carries both a fake serial and a code, they shall both be listed (e.g. a warbird with US Navy markings carrying serial 136464 and code 7D-464 shall be listed in the code field as 136464/7D-464).

Do not put any words in this field like code or fleetnumber and such. If the aircraft has no code, leave the field blank.