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Beauty and Awesome Power: The Storm

by Daniel Mack — September 30, 2011

It’s really weird how certain memories stick like fish in a hot iron skillet. They lay dormant for years, like a sleeping volcano, and suddenly explode to life without warning, particularly the ones that you would like to forget! So it is with a memory in my past, early in my flying career.

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A Murderous Hijacker in Baltimore

by Dick Blizzard — August 31, 2011

Captain Doug Lofton and his copilot, Fred Jones, are busy running the check-list in a Douglas DC-9. It is dark out on the ramp, but the dawn is breaking. There is a tug attached to the nose wheel, preparing to push the twin engine Delta passenger jet back from the terminal building for departure. The passenger loading door is open and the loading bridge (jetway) is attached. The cockpit door is ajar, awaiting final paperwork from operations.

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Are Airlines on the Right Track?

by Mark Martin — May 31, 2011

In recent years there has been an influx of airlines who have become involved in Formula One. The most prominent of these have been Virgin, Kingfisher and Air Asia. In a period blighted by economic hardship and unemployment, are the airlines wasting their money as some critics have suggested or is it a shrewd move aimed at generating additional custom?

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Non Stop to Havana: Better To Be Lucky Than Smart

by Dick Blizzard — April 30, 2011

I had only been a captain for about three years when my DC-9 flight out of Chicago was commandeered. We were headed to Nashville with 30 souls on board. We flew nonstop to Havana without refueling. The bad guy had no control of the bomb he had taped to his body. We were incredibly lucky that day.

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Worth the Wait

by Stephen Koewler — February 28, 2011

Stephen Koewler takes us through his journey into the world of aviation, culminating in his flight in his flight with Julie Clark, renowned aerobatic air show pilot.

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The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Through El-Paso, TX

by Ben Zwebner — May 31, 2010

Ben Zwebner returns with a journal from a ferry flight that demonstrates that getting from point A to point B isn't as easy as it sometimes seems.

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New Technology Can Dramatically Enhance Security and Thwart Terrorist Attacks

by Lori J. Brown — February 28, 2010

Lori J. Brown (Faculty Specialist, Western Michigan University College of Aviation) returns with an article that not only analyzes what needs to be done to heighten airline security and thwart terrorist attacks, but also introduces new technology that has the potential to dramatically improve cabin crew communication and enhance in-flight security.

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A Forgotten Tragedy in Iran

by Ethan Rider — December 31, 2009

With Iran-America tensions as high as ever, we present an historical/investigative review of an event that today seems overlooked, yet offers important insight into why today's tension can't easily be resolved.

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Trials of a “Girly” Plane Spotter

by Aoife Kiernan — September 30, 2009

Aoife Kiernan is a self-confessed airplane nerd who spends her spare time spotting at Dublin’s airport. Tired of the gender wars still raging, she’s launching a suffragette movement to claim equal rights at the end of the runway.

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Smoke in the Cockpit!

by Ben Zwebner — July 31, 2009

Ben Zwebner offers a first had account of an in-flight emergency he had recently, and the emergency landing at DCA that followed.

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