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Topic: Web-based Electronic Logbooks?
Username: chrisco1204
Posted 2012-03-07 08:54:27 and read 5112 times.

I am considering creating a web-based application to record your flight time
(basically an "electronic logbook" online). That way, you will always have a
backup to rely on if your logbook is lost/stolen/burned to ash in a fire, etc.

This web-based application will also allow you to create a profile for yourself
that displays how many flight hours you have, types of airplanes you've flown,
airports you've visited, companies you've flown for etc. Other people would be
able to view this information (only if you wanted) and connect directly to you.
I think this would help out in finding jobs and/or connecting with other
pilots/aviation enthusiasts.

Is this something you'd be interested in? If so sign up for my mailing list

And no... this is not a "spam list" or anything like it. I'm just trying to gauge
interest in the aviation community before I go about creating something that
no one wants.

Topic: RE: Web-based Electronic Logbooks?
Username: Ned Kelly
Posted 2012-03-09 07:17:58 and read 5036 times.

Nice idea although I don't believe that your idea is an original one as can be seen from the link below. Unless you are going to make some improvements and make yours significantly better than what is already out there. think Myspace vs Facebook.

Edit:I just re-read your post again, are you talking about pilot hours flown or as a passenger? If pilot, please accept my apologies and ignore my initial reply.

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