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Topic: Aviation Week Introduces New Format...
Username: alberchico
Posted 2012-06-23 14:54:08 and read 17732 times.

I've noticed that aviation week is intended for industry professionals and flight international is more oriented for the aviation enthusiast.

BTW does anyone know why a subscription to flight international costs almost twice as much as aviation week despite being the same format and content ? I only paid about $59 for my subscription to AWST but FI is more than $200.....

Topic: RE: Aviation Week Introduces New Format...
Username: RubberJungle
Posted 2012-09-14 10:45:46 and read 14687 times.

Both are actually aimed at the industry, but Aviation Week tends to lean toward defence while Flight International tends to lean towards commercial aviation.

Perhaps the extra cost is related to the shipping - don't forget that AW is a US magazine but FI is British. Maybe you should look at gettting the iPad version of FI, it's the same magazine but you receive it instantly, much earlier than the weekly.

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