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Topic: Duxford Directions
Username: lmml 14/32
Posted 2012-10-24 00:50:17 and read 5856 times.

Hi, I am planning a visit to Duxford Imperial War Museum in the UK. There used to be a bus that runs from the train station directly to the museum which, sadly nowadays only runs on Sundays and airshow days. Any suggestions how to get to the IWM avoiding an expensive taxi ride?

Topic: RE: Duxford Directions
Username: EGSUcrew
Posted 2012-10-24 03:33:24 and read 5845 times.


I'm assuming you're coming from Cambridge station, make a connecting train journey on the London Liverpool Street line and get off at Whittlesford Parkway. (About 8 mins)

From there, it's around a two mile walk to the museum. When you get off the train, cross the track and then walk along the small road in a straight line as far as you can go; when you get onto the main road, remain on the RIGHT because there is a footpath and you will clearly be able to see the museum.

Any questions or problems, let me know.

Topic: RE: Duxford Directions
Username: 9VSIO
Posted 2012-10-25 03:57:34 and read 5811 times.

I believe the Citi 7 bus goes to Duxford from Cambridge too. Or at least to the village of Duxford.

Topic: RE: Duxford Directions
Username: EGSUcrew
Posted 2012-10-25 23:31:49 and read 5778 times.

Quoting 9VSIO (Reply 2):

Ahh forgot about that, you're right it does.

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