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Topic: Airline Postcards - Gonna Give Away For Free
Username: ariis
Posted 2012-12-30 15:51:01 and read 11404 times.

Hello aviation fans,

Following my offer couple of years back concerning some other aviation related goods, I am now saying goodbye to my old accidental collection of official airline postcards (or some less official exceptions).

Here is what I can offer:

  • - 38 official Lufthansa cards, some picturing classic jets (like 747-200 or DC-10) in cheatline livery, also including several Lufthansa Cargo cards
  • - 33 official Japan Airlines cards, some that were available only in Japan (including Reso'cha or Dream Express stuff) plus as an addition to JAL cards I will include a postcard book (30 postacards that can be disassembled apart) showing some really vintage black and white photos of earliest JAL aircraft (starting from DC-3/-4/-6/-7, Martin 202, DeHavilland Heron, YS-11, Convair 880, B727 through DC-8)
  • - 20 additional official cards in short series from Asiana, Finnair, JAS, ANA, Austrian, Thai, Eurowings (2 up to 4 pcs each)
  • - 20 mixed cards (some official, some not) showing some random airlines (8), airports (4), vintage posters (2), an unidentified 747 flightdeck (1) + US military (4) and NASA (1)

Cards condition:
  • - all cards are UNUSED* and CLEAN* (no messages/letters/stamps on the back)
  • - all cards are VIVID in colors since they were kept away from sunlight for all the time
  • - all cards are UNIQUE (no doubles, triples nor so on)

* IMPORTANT: Some of the cards (I estimate 20% of all) have approx 5 x 30 mm (practically zero-thick) double-sided adhesive tape on the back (put there like 20 years ago when I kept some in an album), but over years the tape degraded so much that it no longer sticks to anything. There is basically no effect on the quality of the front-side of each card (no visible deformations/distortions or so) so the viewer will NEVER notice. Two or three JAL cards do however have VISIBLE traces of another still-sticky-back-card accidentally put on top of it on the front side (like 10+ years ago). Except for one card these should not be in any way disturbing.

Receiving condition:
  • - I strongly prefer to send all cards to one address, so please cosider taking all
  • - cards are FREE OF CHARGE - I will only ask for refund of the shipping costs (PayPal is preferred) post-factum after you have actually received the cards, so you take no risk - approximate shipping charge will be informed in advance so you can accept or refuse (I estimate 5 up to 10 EUR within EU)
  • - basically first person who gets in touch AND accepts the conditions will get the cards (if one changes his/her mind for any reason, second inquiry will count and so on)

Please reply by sending me a PM. If you provide me your mail address I can send you photos of the cards so you can check 'em out in detail (but you cannot select individual cards - sorry, again, I want to send all).

Thank you and Happy New Year everyone!    


P.S.: Due to the holiday season, please allow me a few days to reply to you. Thx!

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