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Topic: Former Valujet Emp Ready To Sell Unique Items!
Username: atlantablonde
Posted 2013-01-04 21:31:08 and read 9311 times.

Hi! I was a ticket agent for Valujet from 1993-1995; was in the first hiring class in '93 and watched the first customer walk up to the ticket counter in October of '93. Have several things I've been holding on to, but ready to purge collection. Items include original, complete "Standard Operating Procedures" large binder that was given to all employees; a jacket (very good shape!); original-issue polo shirts; and a few other unique items you may not find anywhere else. I also have items like flight schedules, buttons, a shot glass, a coke bottle or two, a paperweight given only to employees, Valujet in-flight magazines (very first ones that tell all about the airline) etc. All are in excellent shape. Even have a few Atlanta airport "newspapers" that features Valujet, and several printouts of original itineraries (my own) that used to serve as customers' receipts. (Y'all remember those?)   E-mail me if you're interested. Thanks!

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