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Topic: Flughafen Knuffingen- Miniature Wonderland In Hmb.
Username: rcair1
Posted 2013-01-02 10:34:10 and read 12839 times.

This was sent to me by a friend who is into model systems. I was not aware of the worlds largest miniature airport at Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg.

This is really quite amazing and up to date - a/c range from B727's to an A380 that you get to watch take off (and land I presume).

Aside from the speed of the ground vehicles and taxi speeds, it is quite realistic.

Here is a link to the official page.

Here is an HD video that focuses on operations at the airport - including a sequence of night operations. (1 of 2).
Be sure to watch for a while - you will be amazed to see a/c rotate and take off, as well as flare and land.
The A380 takeoff starts at 7:30 (you can hear the throttle up but A/C is offscreen), lift off at 7:50.
There is a night landing sequence at 12:20ish


Topic: RE: Flughafen Knuffingen- Miniature Wonderland In Hmb.
Username: rahulrahul
Posted 2013-01-02 14:06:07 and read 12825 times.

Too Bad this time we went to Germany, we didnt get to go.
I will try to go next time.


Topic: RE: Flughafen Knuffingen- Miniature Wonderland In Hmb.
Username: RebelDJ
Posted 2013-01-23 13:28:02 and read 12370 times.

How they depicted the grounding of the 787!

Topic: RE: Flughafen Knuffingen- Miniature Wonderland In Hmb.
Username: GEsubsea
Posted 2013-02-11 16:58:48 and read 11873 times.

My wife is from Hamburg and we go every year at Xmas. I go to Wunderland on every visit. Knuffingen is a take on Hamburg's Flughafen. On my last visit Xmas day back in Dec. they did not have the A380 operational. They did have a few problems with the resident Emirates 777 Cargo a/c as she taxied and then ran off the taxiway . A member of the staff had to come and attend to her (she had a software glitch from the control room). That control room, btw is manned by 6 technicians (looks like mission control) in which they see the operations for ALL the airport traffic (planes AND ground equipment...even the jetways move into position to the a/c) , Trains (the MAIN attraction of this 2 story site...the airport was just incorporated 3 yrs ago) and even Ships (yes...full size to scale cargo container ships float in a harbor on the other side of the facility). They also have a Fire Dept w/ trucks that are dispatched to a mock house fire through the push of a bottom at the display. All the displays have working vehicles and trains with lights in which Wunderland tries to depict life day AND night (lighting is cycled from dark to daylight through the lighting system every 15 minutes). Their is an impressive rendition of the Hamburg SV soccer stadium IMTECH field as well as trains running through a two story mountain that resembles somewhere in Switzerland. A very fascinating place to visit if you ever have a chance to go to Hamburg! 

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