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Topic: Model Aircraft Makes
Username: phunc
Posted 2013-04-08 11:30:55 and read 12683 times.

You guys are the experts but after some research I am still a little confused about various makes of model aircraft.

I currently have two Gemini Jets VS model aircraft; one G-VSHY A346 and the other V-VXLG B744. I bought an A330 (G-VSXY) but it's not the same make - Gemini. The A330 is a little odd in it's detail and colour. I'm not sure what make it is but the code is FCJC4VIR306.

Are Pheonix and Gemini the same make or style?

Below are links to what I have.

Below is an ad on ebay for a "Phoenix/Gemini" model so I assume they are the same?

It looks a little different from the unknown A330 I have in that the wings are flush with the body as opposed to two pieces.

Can anyone confirm?

Also, this has been advertised as Phoenix.

Does this mean it will match that of the A330 above and since the A330 is a "Phoenix/Gemini", will match my A346 and B744?

Sorry if it's confusing but welcome to my world here!

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