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Topic: Pan Am Timetables 1988
Username: Mayblucky
Posted 2004-03-19 19:19:49 and read 9305 times.

Can anyone help me locate timetables for both international and domestic routes for Pan Am 1988 - December? It would mean a great deal to me if anyone out there has these or knows where I can purchase them. Thank you.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Timetables 1988
Username: Tom in NO
Posted 2004-03-19 20:53:21 and read 9246 times.

Might want to repost this in the "Aviation Hobby" forum.

Tom at MSY

Topic: RE: Pan Am Timetables 1988
Username: Dr.DTW
Posted 2004-03-20 16:37:46 and read 9207 times.

One word: EBay!!!!

Ebay has a wealth of airline timetables up for auction every day, and I'm sure you'll find what your looking for. Currenlty, they have over 400 up for auction.

Good luck


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