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Topic: Please Help Me With Pmdg 747
Username: MTYFREAK
Posted 2006-12-28 23:05:48 and read 8336 times.

I have a problem that after I start the engines they seem to run normally but suddenly the 4 engines loss power and then come back again to normal, this repeats all the time, I've checked and done the normal and abnormal procedures and still I get this problem, sometimes even an engine flames out,

has this happened to anyone before??

any info would be much appreciated


Topic: RE: Please Help Me With Pmdg 747
Username: CptSpeaking
Posted 2006-12-29 01:30:22 and read 8320 times.

Do you mean the engines shut off or just lose electrical power?

I've had issues sometimes as soon as I taxi off the runway the two inboard engines shut down...can't quite figure that one out yet and I don't really have time to go in depth in the manuals... my guess would be that if your engines are shutting down completely, not just losing electrics, then your fuel pumps and cross feeds aren't configured properly. If it's just electrics you're losing, check the engine gen switches. I haven't had the time to do them, but a friend did the type rating courses provided by PMDG in the downloads portion of their site and said they were pretty might try that to see if they do anything you haven't.

Your CptSpeaking

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