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Just Planes Part 6  
User currently offlinePHLstudent From United States of America, joined May 2006, 498 posts, RR: 7
Posted (7 years 4 months 3 weeks 5 days 21 hours ago) and read 24393 times:

Happy new years everyone! I hope your parties were fun and your hangovers were not too bad.

JP, it the 19th year promotion looks great, just purchased the spice jet and Privitair videos. Looking forward to watching these.

Any hints for the first release for 2009?

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User currently offline757767lover From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 340 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (7 years 4 months 3 weeks 5 days 5 hours ago) and read 24360 times:

Let me second what you have said PHLstudent with regard to the New Year.

I have just started on my second viewing of the Austrian 767 and i must say it is one of the best 767 programs around.

Can you give us a clue to the next release.PLEASE


User currently offlineEMA747 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2006, 1171 posts, RR: 1
Reply 2, posted (7 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 23 hours ago) and read 24333 times:

Happy New Year to you PHLstudent and Simon and to everyone else.

JP How much is shipping from you to the UK and how long does it take? The sale is very tempting. It would be good if us in Europe could order your DVDs from somewhere closer to home and still get the discount, local shops obviously don't have the discounts.

When is the 1st DVD of 2009 out JP?

Andy S

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Giving up and refusing to try again does!
User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (7 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 24216 times:

Quoting EMA747 (Reply 2):
JP How much is shipping from you to the UK and how long does it take? The sale is very tempting. It would be good if us in Europe could order your DVDs from somewhere closer to home and still get the discount, local shops obviously don't have the discounts.

Shipping to Europe is $9,50 for the 1st DVD and $2,50 per additional DVD.
The sale is only on our website unfortunately and should last through Thursday for sure.

User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (7 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 24217 times:

Quoting PHLstudent (Thread starter):
Any hints for the first release for 2009?

Quoting 757767lover (Reply 1):
Can you give us a clue to the next release.PLEASE

Quoting EMA747 (Reply 2):
When is the 1st DVD of 2009 out JP?

The next release is planned for Jan 16th...
will be back in a few days with some hints
Happy 2009 to all!!

User currently offlineJj From Algeria, joined Jun 2001, 1227 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago) and read 24110 times:

Jusplanes! Is there a retail shop in the UK or germany where I could get your DVD's ?


User currently offlineGeorgiabill From United States of America, joined Mar 2003, 836 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 5 days 3 hours ago) and read 24063 times:
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Best wishes to all Anetters in 2009. I also think the Austrian 767-300 is a excellent,informative dvd. I am hoping justplanes would consider doing a dvd featuring the TU154 and TU134 before they are no longer flying. Also I hoping for Ethiopian to be featured. just my 2 cents worth. Almost forgot another excellent Justplanes dvd is the Air Slovakia 757-200. Well done,good crews. I have enjoyed the 120 plus airline dvds and 4 airport dvds in my library. Looking forward to adding more in the future.

User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 23989 times:

Quoting Jj (Reply 5):
Jusplanes! Is there a retail shop in the UK or germany where I could get your DVD's ?

The UK and Germany happen to be 2 countries where we do not do our own distribution so I'm not sure...

In the UK you can get them at
and they are available in a number of aviation shops in London, Manchester and other cities...

User currently offlineCB777 From United States of America, joined Sep 1999, 1216 posts, RR: 2
Reply 8, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 3 days 21 hours ago) and read 23942 times:

JP, any chance of Kenya Airways returning to the series?

User currently offline757767lover From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 340 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 3 days 8 hours ago) and read 23900 times:

Hi JPV. I hope you had a nice relaxing FEW day off over the holiday. I noticed on your defunct airlines section of your web site and noted the 4 airlines mentioned in a 09 list at the bottom of the 08 list First Choice Ted and Britannia etc are not incl in the main 09 list.

Any clues to the new airline Continent, Airbus Boeing or neither

Wishing you all the best for the time ahead


User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 23832 times:

Quoting CB777 (Reply 8):
JP, any chance of Kenya Airways returning to the series?

Kenya is out for now I'm afraid...

User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 23828 times:

Quoting 757767lover (Reply 9):
Hi JPV. I hope you had a nice relaxing FEW day off over the holiday. I noticed on your defunct airlines section of your web site and noted the 4 airlines mentioned in a 09 list at the bottom of the 08 list First Choice Ted and Britannia etc are not incl in the main 09 list.

That list should be updated this coming week...

User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 23826 times:

Quoting CB777 (Reply 8):
Any clues to the new airline Continent, Airbus Boeing or neither

Its a Boeing on Airbus Continent  Smile

User currently offline757767lover From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 340 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 23788 times:

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 12):
Its a Boeing on Airbus Continent

I know I'm thick or sometimes a little slow on the uptake but are you saying it is Boeing in Europe?

If so which Boeing?


User currently offlinePhlstudent From United States of America, joined May 2006, 498 posts, RR: 7
Reply 14, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 22 hours ago) and read 23759 times:

Quoting 757767lover (Reply 13):

Sounds like it will be within Europe..

I assume this means it will be a shorthaul boeing? So is it considered a low cost carrier?

User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 17 hours ago) and read 23736 times:

Shorth Haul and Long Haul flights....

User currently offlineEMA747 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2006, 1171 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 23669 times:

Is it just one type of Boeing or more?

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Giving up and refusing to try again does!
User currently offlineBW424 From Trinidad and Tobago, joined Sep 2008, 1450 posts, RR: 2
Reply 17, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 23636 times:

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 15):
Shorth Haul and Long Haul flights....

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 12):
Its a Boeing on Airbus Continent

Hmmm......sounds really good to me!

It is what we think we know already that prevents us from learning.......
User currently offline757767lover From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 340 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (7 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 hours ago) and read 23554 times:

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 15):
Shorth Haul and Long Haul flights....

I would have said LTU. But this falls down in two areas 1 LTU is not a new airline 2 LTU use Airbus.

I'm going to guess eirth Condor or Thompson


User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 6 days 21 hours ago) and read 23527 times:

We have 2 types of Boeing aircraft in this next program...

User currently offlinePHLstudent From United States of America, joined May 2006, 498 posts, RR: 7
Reply 20, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 6 days 20 hours ago) and read 23517 times:

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 19):
We have 2 types of Boeing aircraft in this next program...

haha hard clues, Is there a country or like a list of 5 that we can choose from?

you seemed to have trimmed some of the fat from the homepage. Are you going to bring that calender type thing back, so we now what to expect in the future, i.e. new airline, or just new type for an airline, or re release? Or do you have bigger plans for the site?

User currently offlineSunstar From United States of America, joined Jan 2008, 52 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 6 days 17 hours ago) and read 23506 times:
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Quoting PHLstudent (Reply 20):

The calender is still there..Check on cockpit DVD's above the you tube icon on the home page and then check the list on the right side of the new page that opens...marked new dvd schedule

[Edited 2009-01-14 18:15:57]

User currently offlinePHLstudent From United States of America, joined May 2006, 498 posts, RR: 7
Reply 22, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 6 days 16 hours ago) and read 23489 times:

Quoting Sunstar (Reply 21):

wow, I am an idiot, thanks for pointing that out.

User currently offlineEMA747 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2006, 1171 posts, RR: 1
Reply 23, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 23453 times:

Quoting JustPlanes (Reply 19):

I think I know what it is then. I won't say how I know or what it is though.  Big grin

Andy S

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Giving up and refusing to try again does!
User currently offlineJustPlanes From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 898 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (7 years 4 months 1 week 5 days 22 hours ago) and read 23406 times:

Quoting EMA747 (Reply 23):
I think I know what it is then. I won't say how I know or what it is though.  

hahaha... why don't you  Smile

25 EMA747 : I kind of know via the internet someone who work for your company. Don't want him getting in trouble for spilling the beans. If it's what I think it
26 Sunstar : J.P are you going to release the new program tonight as well as the new airline..
27 Midcon385 : Information is up on YouTube and the World Air Routes site. It's NEOS B737-800 and B767-300. Tim
28 JustPlanes : Just fired everyone in the company to prevent further leaks... Oh and since there's no one left... I guess there won't be anymore programs either...
29 BW424 : Great release!!!Thanks justplanes for another great release.
30 Midcon385 : Sounds good! Tim
31 CB777 : I am holding out hope for Alaska Airlines featuring the B737G's
32 Sunstar : JP anything coming out this friday..?
33 JustPlanes : Plan is for next Friday
34 BW424 : Got the Neos.I didn't know pilots could have been on flying two totally different aircraft with an airline.Capt. Buzzi was the Captain on the 763 and
35 JustPlanes : Captain Buzzi is the Director of Flight Operations for the airline so he falls under other rules than the regular pilots...
36 JustPlanes : Captain Buzzi is the Director of Flight Operations of Neos. As such he falls under other rules than regular pilots...
37 JustPlanes : What would you like to know
38 PHLstudent : Long haul or short haul Boeing or airbus Region of the world Any of those are fun to guess around with
39 BW424 : LOL!Anything worth a good speculation!!!! Oh,and the Neos program was great IMHO!!
40 JustPlanes : 1st clue you already have... its an existing airline 2nd clue... European airline
41 EMA747 : Air Atlanta again, nice. Looking forward to watching this as I've not seen many A300 DVDs or ones featuring Africa.
42 Midcon385 : Air Atlanta Icelandic has obviously been a fantastic company to work with for Just Planes as they've done so many programs with them, including now t
43 JustPlanes : Air Atlanta has been great indeed! They've allowed us to bring you some really interesting programs over the years with a nice variety of types of ai
44 EMA747 : I was watching the Vancouver Island Air DVD last night and was wondering if there will be more like this from you in the future? I really like the co
45 JustPlanes : We totally look for these airlines here and there... and often those programs come out great... Not sure if you've seen the RUSTS/K2 AVIATION one but
46 EMA747 : I don't have those yet. I will try and get hold of a copy when I can. Have you ever approached someone like Sounds Air in NZ? I flew with them from We
47 JustPlanes : I don't believe so. I believe the restriction there is distance, cost and availability of our crews...
48 757767lover : I am so sorry but the NEOS is not one I'll be watching to often. The pilots didn't seem to react with the film crew. Simon
49 JustPlanes : As I often say, every crew is not as engaging... some of our programs have almost no crew interaction but then we focus more on the actual flights an
50 JustPlanes : No guessing game this week? OK existing airline in the series.... from Europe...
51 Blue_Angel : I'll guess... JetairFly 737 ?
52 EMA747 : Austrian with some reginal planes? Need another clue I think.
53 JustPlanes : ok well your little smily faces should be the next clue
54 EMA747 : TUIfly, Jetair fly, Thomson etc.
55 JustPlanes : You are warming up
56 PHLstudent : Corsair? Hapag Lloyd?
57 EMA747 : Corsair A332. Looks good and very nice to see an Airbus heavy again in the series. The smilies do come in useful sometimes!
58 JustPlanes : Yes, we had never done a full A330 program with Corsair and we had never flown into Halifax or Quebec so it was a nice occasion.. we also managed to
59 EMA747 : Do airlines normally let you choose whch crew you will be with or is it just pot luck? I can think of some noteably amazing crews [Swiss MD11] is it
60 757767lover : That is so true but if you have a crew that's just sits and does there job then the director has to rely on interesting views outside the cockpit. As
61 JustPlanes : All depends on the agreement we reach with each particular airline.. In this case we were actually scheduled to fly with the airline A330 Chief Pilot
62 JustPlanes : Don't believe we received it Simon...
63 LHRman : What are peoples opinions on the Oasis dvds.. which one is more enjoyable to watch the training or the standard flights (LGW-HKG-LGW)? Thanks.. Dave
64 757767lover : You should have it now. They are TWO VERY DIFFERENT programms You cannot compaire them they are both brillient. Simon
65 777guy : I watched it this weekend and felt that the Captain was pretty engaging without being overbroad. Personally I get tired of detailed cockpit on every
66 JustPlanes : And we are slowly starting to reduce the number of cockpit presentations. In the next 2 programs there are none. I have no idea but we've probably do
67 EMA747 : This is good. I kind of agree with 777guy, cockpit presentations are a bit "seen a few seen them all" for a particular type. The ones you have so far
68 Blue_Angel : Completely agree on that Little facts about routings (route offsets for example), HF communications, etc... are very interesting to flight simmers fo
69 JustPlanes : Right and those cockpit presentations will slowly diminish and not be on every DVD for sure. It might still appear here and there if its a type we ha
70 757767lover : Thanks for that Looking into the background of a particular aspect of a flight e.g. flight opps. What ever it will be I'm sure it will be grand. Simo
71 JustPlanes : So next week we will unveil how we are improving our Airport series with the 1st such release! Very excited about this...
72 Phlstudent : ATC communication included?! thats the only thing that I am missing when watching my JFK dvd. I wish I could hear the constant ATC chatter.
73 JustPlanes : We're not able to do that unfortunately... long story.. but anyway the plane you would be seeing would likely not be the place that was on ATC as the
74 FatmirJusufi : Hi Mr JustPlanes, Is there any single possibility to find Eurowings Just Planes, I don't know if it was VHS or DVD! As I know there is included my hom
75 JustPlanes : That program was released on VHS and those have all been sold off more than 8 years ago so I'm afraid no one can really help you... If I had a copy h
76 FatmirJusufi : Thanks for you help. I really appreciate. I really hope if this happens one day... Fatmir
77 757767lover : Any clues for the next release, i.e. continent etc. Simon
78 EMA747 : Is there going to be a new DVD this Friday then? I love these guessing games.
79 JustPlanes : The current plan for this coming Friday is our new Airport DVD, the following week we will be bringing you a DVD from a tiny airline in a country we
80 EMA747 : I'm really excited about this one!
81 Justplanes : The Airport one or Cockpit?
82 PHLstudent : Eritrea? FILLER FILLER
83 EMA747 : Both but mainly the cockpit one. Tiny airline sounds like something a bit different.
84 EHRD : You should look on ebay from time to time. I just bought 15 World Air Routes VHS tapes on ebay for just a few $$. There was also an Eurowings tape fo
85 FatmirJusufi : Exactly this one. Thanks for info. Fatmir
86 JustPlanes : This one will be mostly about scenery. Its the 1st time we've been to that country so its a nice discovery of the place and the airports and some rea
87 Phlstudent : I like this idea. Are these cockpit shots from past programs that came into the airport, or specially for tis program. Like Mars? I am thinking somew
88 FatmirJusufi : Can you find me the Eurowings link on ebay? Fatmir
89 757767lover : So can i say it is somewhere you have visited a lot Egypt or Belgum perhaps Simon
90 Post contains links JustPlanes : OK Anchorage is out... If you haven't the video trailer, take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxDULXzwCOg And as far as your guesses for the nex
91 757767lover : Hi JPV Could you or someone answer a couple of questions for me? 1/ In the neos program when we are leaving Holguin we briefly see another TUI coloure
92 EMA747 : Simon is the Corsairfly A330 program good? I guess it is. I might go out to the shop at EMA and get a couple of the new DVDs. What are the other stan
93 757767lover : Hi Andy It is up there with the Austrian and LTU A330 programs Yes it is good as is the Air Atlanta A300 showing us a bygone age for Airbus. Simon
94 EMA747 : JP, it's mid-week so do you have any more clues for us about Friday's planned release?
95 JustPlanes : Very small regional airline in an Asian country we've never been to before..
96 Kaitak : Air Koryo (That would just be the coolest!) Have you ever tried the military - for example, military transport squadron, for example the RAF's 216 Sqn
97 Midcon385 : Perhaps, but Air Koryo isn't exactly a "regional airline" AFAIK and I think we're far more likely to see the likes of Emirates, Singapore, Lufthansa
98 EMA747 : I'm going with Daily Air Corporation of Taiwan as my guess. They operate to offshore islands with Do228s and Kawasaki BK 117 helicopters. This is a ha
99 JustPlanes : Air Koryo would be nice... but not sure our guys want to travel there at this time... and Taiwan was a really good guess... I didn't even realize we h
100 FatmirJusufi : What about any further project around here in the Balkans? These propositions would be fine, also if it's possible to incl. PRN. JP (Adria Airways, no
101 LHRman : Morning, Well I had for about 2 and a half years only 2 dvds from WAR which were the Flyjet 757 and the MyTravel DK 320/21. They are both excellent dv
102 JustPlanes : Hello Fatmir, Adria and Croatia Airlines... as well as most airlines on the planet.. have ALL been invited to join the World Air Routes.. if they're
103 JustPlanes : Hello LHRman Thanks very much for your nice comments and glad you are enjoying the DVDs. I personally think that some programs are better than others
104 EMA747 : JP I nearly guessed Mongolia for the new DVD but had a look last night and it was already on the countries visited list with all the destination in th
105 FatmirJusufi : Absolutely. Thanks for answers. Hope that JP and OU will join World Air Routes. P.S. Why you didn't incl. PRN in your LV DVD? Was it in your plans? M
106 Midcon385 : Hi JustPlanes, Eznis looks very interesting with the views of the scenery of Mongolia. The recent Air Atlanta A300F program also looks very good. Plan
107 JustPlanes : Actually I checked notes from that trip which was in January 2008... Pristina was scheduled to be filmed, its not a place we get to often so we def w
108 EMA747 : I bought the Albanian Airlines DVD yesterday and so far have to say it's excellent. Tirana looks like a very nice place and the approach is very good
109 FatmirJusufi : Wow. Cool. I like their BAe146s. And yeah it's true, Tirana is very beautiful city. Unfortunately there not too many Albanian pilots around here. Oth
110 757767lover : Hi JPV. May i congratulate on a wonderful way you have designed the airlines page on your web site. You have listered ALL the airlines from Carnival L
111 EMA747 : I've just looked at the list Simon noted. I never knew you filmed so many other airlines that are not on your main list. I would love to see the Lufth
112 JustPlanes : Thanks Simon... Yes it took some redesign considering there are 200+ airlines but I think the new format has more information as to each aircraft typ
113 Midcon385 : On the Albanian DVD they have Albanian pilots as well as Bulgarian, French and Greek. JustPlanes, I bought yesterday the Atlantic AVRO/Bell 412 progr
114 757767lover : What was it suppose to be? What you have done not only with that page but also what you have done over the last 20 or so years as been something sort
115 Georgiabill : Just received my copy of the Eznis Airways dvd. Another excellent production from Justplanes. I recommend this dvd!!!!!! Georgiabill
116 JustPlanes : Oh totally... the Faroe Islands look amazing from the sky.. Luckily we have the Helicopter flights that show exactly that! The approach into the airp
117 JustPlanes : You are very kind Simon, thank you! Carnival was filmed to be a Kids program which it was... in fact 3 kids videos came out of it... but we realized
118 JustPlanes : Thanks very much Georgiabill I would say this one is about discovering Mongolia from the air.. dont look to learn anything about the Saab 340 and tha
119 EHRD : Well.....I know which one it is and I still have the VHS tape. I read the weblog some time ago of the guy who filmed this . I think this will be an o
120 JustPlanes : That is obviously an unfair advantage but I appreciate you leaving this a real guessing game... It really is a nice DVD, well filmed, interesting pla
121 Midcon385 : Will look forward to finding this one out! Might very well get another DVD around Easter time. Thanks for the extremely fast shipping on the Atlantic
122 BW424 : sounds very exciting!!!
123 Cb777 : I am going to take a wild guess and say AIR BALTIC!
124 JustPlanes : We're able to save a bit of time on order processing with our new shopping mall set up... but it really depends on how fast the post office wants to
125 JustPlanes : hmmm now thats not a bad guess...... but....
126 Midcon385 : I know what I want for Easter! Unless the customer pays for UPS. Tim
127 BW424 : LOL! It is Air Baltic and it looks like a winner to me!I'll see if I could pick up a copy.
128 JustPlanes : True... For an extra $2 you do get a delivery date and a tracking number with UPS... With the post office you get neither...
129 Midcon385 : It's been worth it for me, as far as I'm concerned. Will have the DVD on Monday. Tim[Edited 2009-03-14 03:56:36]
130 BW424 : It's very much worth it for me!
131 757767lover : I concur with that and I've already been in touch with Ron at JPV-UK and placed my order. Simon
132 JustPlanes : OK so Friday's release before we close shop for 2 weeks... anyone? Airbus Boeing mix... European airline...
133 Georgiabill : A rerelease of Austrian?
134 Phlstudent : We talking long haul or intra european flights?
135 JustPlanes : Its a new airline so would not be Austrian I would call it medium haul routes[Edited 2009-03-18 13:28:25]
136 Sebjacques92 : Im going to guess CSA Czech Airlines or at least i hope it is hehe...they haven't been featured yet, they have both Boeing and Airbus aircraft and ope
137 EMA747 : Scandinavian Airlines? That would be awesome but I think unlikely. I am going with Air One of Italy until we get some more clues.
138 JustPlanes : 2 great guesses and 2 airlines that would certainly be nice to add to the series... the airline we are flying actually operates both the 737 classic
139 Sebjacques92 : hhhmmm could it be Tarom? would be cool to see the A318 and A310 and they also have the 737-300 and 737-700/800. That would be my next guess Seb
140 Midcon385 : That would be neat. Tim
141 Cb777 : Tarom would be excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
142 Cb777 : The Just Planes web site has been updated. The winner is Hamburg Airlines !!!
143 JustPlanes : Right in time for us to catch their 737s before they are gone... We fly the 737-300, the actual 1st one to get winglets, to 2 destinations in Greece.
144 757767lover : Looks great one small question. Why is the English version 148 minutes and the German 183? Simon
145 JustPlanes : First of all the company presentation is 20 minutes in German and maybe 6-7 in English.. We feel the German public is more interested in knowing more
146 Midcon385 : OK, Air Baltic DVD ordered. That one looks fantastic! The new Hamburg International DVD also looks good. Very interesting about the English/German pre
147 777guy : I wonder if maybe there should be a 148 minute version marketed in English speaking countries a 183 minute version marketed to German speaking countr
148 JustPlanes : Not sure I understand your concern... You get the DVD, press English at the start and you never have to bother to see or hear the German version... o
149 757767lover : I did not want to open a debate Not seeing the complete disk and seeing the Eng and the Ger presentation of the arrival into Madeira section on You T
150 JustPlanes : Right.. on You Tube you see both the English and German presentations of the Funchal arrival... on the actual DVD you will only see 1 of the 2... If
151 BW424 : I can only imagine.Kudos to those pilots for their precious time and consideration. I think that this is a very neat feature,especially for airlines
152 777guy : Okay I see it now. I guess I must have had a brain malfunction when I first read the program description. Basically this is like DVD movies you buy w
153 Sebjacques92 : A bit off topic but last weekend i bought the Flybe DVD which i must say is excellent!! You have managed to pick an interesting range of aircraft as w
154 BW424 : Looking forward to it.
155 757767lover : Hi JPV Can you please tell me what catagory of yours Air Baltic comes under? Simon
156 JustPlanes : Not sure what you mean Simon... Its a World Air Routes but not aware of other categories... unless you mean bad, good, great....
157 EMA747 : JPV I have a question too. Is it possible to add some kind of notes on your website as to who filmed/directed each DVD? After seeing many of your DVDs
158 JustPlanes : If you ever need to know who filmed a program you are welcome to ask here anytime... The next program is due out either on April 17th or 24th dependin
159 BW424 : I'll say on behalf of EMA747, 2ND CLUE PLEASE!
160 757767lover : Sorry i should have made my queston more clearer. We know that Eznis was SAAB 340 AND Mongolia Hamburg introduced us to the option of multi language.
161 757767lover : Hi for you to say that it must be VERY SPECIAL as you say that ALL the airlines are exciting. Can you please tell us Airbus Boeing mixture or other.
162 Alaskamd80 : Hi, i think we can assume that its not an Md-80/90 B717 DC-8 DC-9.... i guess i can only hope for one soon, Luciano
163 Holidaycharter : Anychance of a a330 Swiss production to acompanie the MD11, A340 series you have covered
164 JustPlanes : I can't really speculate on future programs... however clue nbr 2... I said I was excited about the airline... I'm that excited about the aircraft typ
165 757767lover : So to narrow it down we are looking at Airbus A-320 family or the Boeing 737 family or even the 767 What country are we looking at? Simon P .S. I see
166 EMA747 : If it's a 737 or A320 then it's hard to guess until we know a geographical location.
167 Danny : A320 Aer Lingus (wishful thinking)?
168 BW424 : I wonder why you're so excited. Does it have some interesting destinations and footage!!
169 Post contains links JustPlanes : Next clue... You are both 50% correct And new due date is Friday, April 24th... In the meantime I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy 10 minutes
170 EHRD : Hmm...50% correct... 737 or A320 and Aer Lingus. Well, Aer Lingus is Irish so I'm thinking maybe.... Ryanair 737 ?? I don't think there's ever gonna
171 777guy : Boy, add all that and I think EHRD might be right on about Ryanair 737. If that is the case it would be real nice one for the J P series.
172 BW424 : I was just about to post my speculation as the same!! The only logical thing I can think of is Ryanair!! If it is, I hope you'll got a brand spanking
173 Danny : We know its an A320 so it cannot be Ryanair.
174 Holidaycharter : Its Aer Lingus they run a all airbus fleet, Ryanair Boeing 737.
175 757767lover : Hi JPV What country are we looking at Simon
176 EMA747 : Why has it got to be Air Lingus? All we know is that it's an A320. JP said he is excited about the airline. Doesn't mean it's a big airline. Could be
177 BW424 : I still don't see how we know its an A320! Justplanes siad 50% correct on 737/A320 and Aer Lingus.
178 Midcon385 : The two quotes were "737 or A320" and "A320 Aer Lingus". So, the first question would be either a 737 or an A320, and the second question can only be
179 Holidaycharter : JP just a question do you actually listen to your customers into what they would like to see or is it a case of who you can get as in respect to filmi
180 757767lover : I am quite sure that JPV listenes to what we say but and this i recon is a big BUT they cannot just go out and pick any airline they want. If they di
181 JustPlanes : We always listen to our customers... and we try our best... but its not because someone comes out and says I want Singapore Airlines that that is goi
182 JustPlanes : Tim, that was exactly what I meant... 50% of each means the A320 it is... That is not the exciting part of the DVD though, not that there is anything
183 Holidaycharter : It wasnt a pop if anyone thought it was i just wondered how you go about selecting your productions, i own a few of your dvds and particuly like the A
184 JustPlanes : Totally agree with you on the UK carriers... wish we could film them... but not possible unfortunately. There are a few areas in the world where film
185 EMA747 : Holidaycharter try the FlyBe DVD. I think it's very good and has lots of destinations and types. So the same captain for the whole DVD? What part of t
186 BW424 : Or, ok. Well, looking forward to it nonetheless. As an above poster asked, what part of the world?
187 JustPlanes : As far as the part of the World... It's not in Europe... other than that I have to leave it up in the air a bit... we still have 8 days to go
188 Hywel : As a totally wild guess... AirAsia in Malaysia?
189 757767lover : Over time. On your BWIA programe you were prevented from filming in the cockpit in UK airspace. Now you have VLM and there you have a flight from LCY
190 Hywel : JustPlanes, have you ever approached Cayman Airways? They operate both the B733 and DHC6 between GCM and CYB so you could film the route on both a jet
191 757767lover : Hi JPV Well it is not Europe and it is Airbus A-320/321/319 family it is now 5 days to go, any more clues please. Simon
192 Post contains links JustPlanes : We have a new place where you can keep informed about whats going on... Join today http://twitter.com/justplanes Off course I'm still more than happy
193 Midcon385 : Airbus A319/320/321 family and Asia? Oh my, I think this one is gonna be a must-have! Tim
194 EMA747 : Oh no not Twitter! I'm not a Twitter fan, sorry. I might have to sign up just for the JP updates though. If we are talking Asia I'm saying one of AirA
195 JustPlanes : Well the idea with Twitter is we will be dropping little hints left and right when our film guys are travelling here and there etc... We intend to mak
196 BW424 : I believe its AirAsia.
197 EMA747 : Ok I've signed up for the Twitter thing.
198 Midcon385 : WOW! Never expected Kingfisher! VERY cool, JP! Maybe when they get the A380 you'll be able to go back and do a program on it (fingers crossed). Tim[Ed
199 BW424 : I second that WOW. I never expected it to be Kingfisher!! Especially after you stated that its extremely difficult to film in India. A GREAT RELEASE!!
200 BW424 : Apologize for the double post, but I just checked the production lists and there is no KFR A320 with registrations of VT-DKU and VT-DKV. Is this is ty
201 Midcon385 : From looking those registrations up on this site (A.net), they appear to be Deccan aircraft. Deccan (formerly Air Deccan) is now known as Kingfisher
202 EMA747 : Amazing looking DVD JP. I loved the Spicejet one and I am sure this one will be just as good. Some interesting destinations are included too. I'll buy
203 Kaitak : Great to see Kingfisher join the JPV world; great airline and really looking fwd to seeing this one. Any chance of getting the A340-500, while KFR sti
204 Post contains links JustPlanes : OK let me try to answer all previous questions... First of all you better understand why I was excited about this one. Great airline and great additio
205 BW424 : Appreicte the info Tim! Indeed!! What an exciting programit seems to be. I hope your relaionship with them flourishes as with airlines such as OS and
206 757767lover : Hi JPV The new program looks great and the two Captains looks like they will provide us with an interesting and vivid production. The main reason i wa
207 JustPlanes : They were a very fun airline to work with and an impressive operation and level of quality I must say. I do not believe there is any external footage
208 JustPlanes : Those 2 pilots were great and we were happy to have them for the entire week we filmed in India! Glad you appreciate the new map with destinations th
209 BW424 : Ahhh,.....that's a real bummer. I love the walkarounds, but I understand your situation.
210 JustPlanes : They are becoming harder and harder in many airports... as is getting general outside footage...
211 757767lover : There is no reason what so ever to say sorry. I WOULD MUCH YOU PREFER TO CARRY ON AND CONCENTRATE ON PRODUCING FINE PROGRAMS. I was just pointing out
212 757767lover : I am sorry to have to report this but someone is a traitor within your organization JPV. I can report the next airport to be shown by yourselves is Jo
213 JustPlanes : hahaha... no traitors 757767 lover... in fact the new ad in a magazine was out last week and it shows the Johannesburg Airport DVD in there so by now
214 757767lover : I must have been blind, i have only just noticed that there is no place to put any comments on as there are on the WAR series. I havent seen the Anco
215 757767lover : Hi JPV I can see why you like the Kingfisher release. Capt Roy is a real find. e.g him pointing out the biz-jets at the beginning. Any clues to the ne
216 Midcon385 : Indeed! He's fantastic! Tim
217 Blue_Angel : Hoping for the CAC 757F ...
218 JustPlanes : Yes indeed, I was not only excited by the fact we were adding a classy airline to the series but this crew and more specifically Captain Roy really m
219 JustPlanes : Sure.. Its a type of aircraft we have not yet filmed. Its in Europe...
220 Midcon385 : I always like these new types! Tim
221 BW424 : Very interesting!
222 Danny : Was the airline featured before with other aircraft types?
223 Luke : Nope, it's listed on the DVD Schedules page as a new airline. JustPlanes, can you tell us if it's a regional/medium/long range aircraft type? I recei
224 EMA747 : New airline and new aircraft type....Well I have three guesses at the moment. Air Europa or Finnair with the E190 if it's a short haul. For long haul
225 757767lover : EMA is also my home airport as well, The only time you have visited here with Air Contractors we didn't get to see that much. Is it a small range air
226 EMA747 : Are you thinking RAF-AVIA Airlines AN26 by any chance?
227 JustPlanes : OK so here goes the 4th clue 1) New Type 2) New Airline 3) Europe 4) Regional
228 Luke : Are the gaps between DVD covers on the List of DVDs page a clue? Or are they just co-incidental?
229 Flying Belgian : Has anyone the World Airport "Mumbai" DVD ? I wasn't too impressed by the footage quality on the previous releases of World Airport (wind blowing on t
230 Luke : I don't have the Mumbai DVD but I have some of the other Airport DVDs. I've always found the filming to be stable and the sound quality very good on
231 Midcon385 : Excellent! Can't guess but can't wait either! Tim
232 JustPlanes : I won't deny that Mumbai is not as steady and simply does not compare to most other airport DVDs simply because the filming conditions there were nea
233 JustPlanes : I agree with most of this... In the last few years the market has been bombarded with so many Airport DVDs so we don't really feel the need to focus
234 Luke : Definitely. The World Air Routes series is a fantastic concept and the number and variety of airlines, aircraft types and destinations is amazing. I
235 PHBUF : wow so a new type, a new airline AND a new country? that's quite the combination..let the speculating begin..I was gonna guess Luxair but Luxembourg i
236 Luke : I suppose the new country is not necessarily the home country of the airline. It could be one of the destinations on the program that is in a new cou
237 PHBUF : well I guess that's true..it's very hard to find a country that is not yet featured in any of the DVDs..I found a few, but the aircraft types the airl
238 JustPlanes : Let me clarify something and Luke was correct in stating that... This program contains 2 destinations we have never been to before, 1 of those is a ne
239 PHBUF : maybe a contest in another form can be worked out..hope you can give it some thought, it could turn into something great I think I've done some more '
240 Midcon385 : I've wanted to see both of those for quite a while. Will look forward to find out what you've got for us tomorrow! Tim
241 Flying Belgian : I can imagine, and I certainly won't put that in any doubt. It's just that when I compared my WA LHR DVD with the one of Avion DVD, the quality diffe
242 757767lover : Sorry i was thinking of the LET 410 of MANX 2 but we know know it is Who knows except some people in Boston Simon
243 Hywel : The only regional airline flying to Zagreb, with an aircraft type not covered before is Lufthansa Cityline with the CRJ-900. However, I'd be very sur
244 PHBUF : Awesome! It's 'Baboo' (very awkward name for an airline I must say) with the Embraer 190 and Dash 8-Q400..the pictures look great and last but not lea
245 BW424 : Baboo it is indeed! Great release! The E-jet series is a great aircraft and to see it in the WAR series in a short sace of time is great!
246 Luke : Fantastic release! The pictures and YT preview look amazing! I'm very happy about both the aircraft types featured, especially the Embraer of course.
247 Midcon385 : Agreed with all of that! Tim
248 JustPlanes : The flightglobal shipment goes out here on Tuesday so they should have them Thursday... so I would think they might be available on Friday... not sur
249 JustPlanes : Baboo is indeed a nice stop in the series. While we have filmed half a dozen Swiss airlines already this is the 1st one based in Geneva and as you wi
250 Midcon385 : Sounds fantastic! Baboo is ordered and will be thrilled to watch it! Tim
251 Luke : So, the next release is on Friday! Any chance of a clue JP?
252 JustPlanes : Certainly Luke... here are 10 pieces of info about this program 1) New Airline 2) New Type 3) 1 New City in a country we've been to 4) 1 New Airport i
253 757767lover : Well you have certainly set us a puzzle What part of the world are we in and what make of aircraft? This does not relay give us any clues, as you hav
254 Post contains links JustPlanes : Because of some Facebook issue we are replacing the current group with a new one... Could I ask everyone to please switch into the new one which is lo
255 CB777 : JP, is it a narrowbody or widebody?
256 JustPlanes : You may have a point there Simon, 10 pieces of information but the important part is.. where in the world... well its in the Americas... and in less t
257 BW424 : Ooooooo.......I'm excited for this one. Just started watching your Air Atlanta AB6 DVD as college is out now and I must say I'm very impressed. Once
258 JustPlanes : We will reveal within the hour Enjoy the 2 programs and if you have a few minutes when you are done, send some comments/review for our website...
259 EMA747 : I didn't even know there was a new release until i saw the email just now. I've not been on the forums for a week or so. Pluna looks like a very inter
260 Luke : The new Pluna DVD looks great! Looking forward to it. Even with all those clues you gave I still had no idea!
261 Post contains links JustPlanes : Our 2nd visit to Uruguay was indeed great and Pluna did receive us extremely well! and the program really has all we wanted to get... You will fly wi
262 BW424 : I will....... Pluna indeed looks like a great DVD!!
263 PHBUF : hmm not that I'm particularly interested in the A380, but what about Air France? You've done two programs with them before..they might be willing to
264 JustPlanes : Good point. We had a special deal with Air France to film 2 programs (A330 and A340) and that was it... since then things have changed there and we w
265 EMA747 : How come some of your DVDs have shots from the places you visit and some don't? Is it to do with who did the filming or is it in the editing? Who fil
266 PHBUF : Thanks for your input JP, I really think its great you guys communicate with your customers so much in so many different ways. Can you give us some hi
267 757767lover : Let us not forget that JPV are here to make money. If they do not there loved ones will get annoyed. , if they do not produce quality films we might g
268 JustPlanes : Tommy was in Uruguay, I believe for his 2nd time... Filming of those places really depends on available time.. Whenever possible we will try to inclu
269 JustPlanes : Thank you PHBUF. I've always found it very important to listen to our customers and to take their comments into serious consideration for our program
270 JustPlanes : Right Simon, we need to make money overall or else we would not be able to produce new programs... Our yearly production budget alone is more than ha
271 PHBUF : now that I think of it..I still have two WAR VHS tapes I'm selling.. Turkish Airlines A343 and Sabena A319/A321/B733/B375..both in PAL. PM me if you'r
272 EMA747 : I thought it might have been Tommy. I have to say I really like all the filming your team does but I think Tommy has filmed some of my favourie DVDs.
273 JustPlanes : I think your blog idea is great but I also think you are right about it being a time issue... There is a lot of work here and not enough time in the
274 Midcon385 : I've got to say, EZNIS is a very cool DVD to watch, will all the neat scenery of Mongolia. Looking forward to some of the new DVDs coming out in the
275 Sebjacques92 : To be honest im not dying for a A380 special, i mean the aircraft is going to be around for a long long time so what is the rush? I do like the way J
276 757767lover : I totally agree with what you have said. Yes it has been nice to see the big airlines such as Air France or SAA but it is also nice to see the smalle
277 EMA747 : Seeming the operation of the big airlines and aircraft types is interesting as it's these types rather than the little ones which we will fly more of
278 JustPlanes : That is funny... I was going to mention the Vancouver Island DVD.. In the beginning I didnt really think too much about the program but after seeing i
279 Blue_Angel : Oh please tell me it's the Challenge Air Cargo 757 !!! That was an awesome program to watch, with a great captain, the approach to La Paz requiring t
280 Post contains links JustPlanes : It is not the CAC757 Blue Angel but I promise we will give that program some attention and I have no doubts that at some point that one will make it
281 Post contains links Luke : Definitely agree with you there. I like the take-offs and landings filmed with a wide angle view that shows the pilot flying as well as the view outs
282 757767lover : My next and final question is. Is it an airline that has been ventured before on DVD , i.e ROYAL or Sobelair or is it a new one like VASP? I also agr
283 757767lover : Hi JPV. I've just finished watching your Joburg Airport. It is one of your best airport DVDs I've seen; and i have seen quite a few. I particular like
284 JustPlanes : Glad you enjoy the new format Simon
285 JustPlanes : I agree with you as well Luke... In the beginning of the series we focused on the outside views/runways only but a number of comments were sent about
286 Luke : Thanks for your reply. I can imagine that a cockpit isn't exactly an ideal place to film - with very bright light coming through the windows and the
287 757767lover : OK JPV With regard to the release of the next program.We know it is an airline that has gone bust; is it one that has been released before eg Royal or
288 JustPlanes : hahahaha Its an airline that no longer exists and its a DC8 and its from Miami to the Caribbean to South America and its a fine program in the air
289 Blue_Angel : Fine Air !
290 JustPlanes : Correct And its a great deal too... The videos were $25 each or $50 total.. and now you can get the DVD of both programs for only $25
291 BW424 : Great deal indeed. A hot seller for all those classic junkies out there.[Edited 2009-06-11 17:27:25]
292 JustPlanes : Its great to have a lot of newer aircraft in the series but once in a while its also nice to go back in time specially when most of those planes have
293 757767lover : Well i have placed my order all ready. I have noticed from the schedule that you have been busy. Well i certainly hope that they will live up to your
294 JustPlanes : OK next release coming this week... Will actually feature our 210th and 211th airline.... and an interesting and unusual clue this time one of those i
295 CB777 : Things th Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm
296 Luke : Huh?
297 FatmirJusufi : U2? MS?
298 PHBUF : I think (unless I'm misinterpreting) JP means that one release features two airlines, one from Europe and one from Africa..in that case I would guess
299 JustPlanes : One of the airlines is operated by the other one and partially owned by them... so none of the above I'm afraid...
300 EHRD : Hmm...my first thought was Jet4you and Jetairfly but there already is a Jetairfly DVD so I don't think I'm right...
301 757767lover : What airplanes are we looking at? Simon
302 BW424 : Interesting. I'll have to do some research and get back
303 BasilFawlty : Air Italy and Euro Mediterranean Airlines?
304 JustPlanes : next program is all Boeing
305 FatmirJusufi : Whoa! Cool. B737s?!
306 BORGCUBE : Comair from South Africa ? They operate as British Airways and as KULULA All Boeing 737 fleet
307 PHBUF : That would be great..Johannesburg, Capetown and much more..
308 JustPlanes : ok next clue B757 & B767
309 CB777 : I think Air Italy might be it....
310 Post contains links WILCO737 : Please continue part 7 here: Just Planes Part 7 (by WILCO737 Jun 25 2009 in Aviation Hobby) Thanks and enjoy. wilco737
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