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Topic: Tell Me What You Think
Username: Go3Team
Posted 2004-12-04 02:30:10 and read 3441 times.

Had a chance to try out my 20D with a newly purchased 100-400L, and judging the results, I need a lot more practice before I ever get good. I came away with a few shots that were ok, nothing that really stood out. Here is one I just did a quickie on (@400mm):

Which is a crop of this (almost) original:

I know they are not that great, like I said, still learning the camera.

Topic: RE: Tell Me What You Think
Username: Kaddyuk
Posted 2004-12-04 03:45:18 and read 3405 times.

Thankfully the 20D is quite forgiving. However you do have to get the core basics right if you want to push the boundaries of the camera. I Have yet to find them, but the boundaries do exist... Apparently LoL

Topic: RE: Tell Me What You Think
Username: Mikephotos
Posted 2004-12-04 04:24:10 and read 3390 times.

The "© 2004" is in perfect focus, the rest is well...not. Did the AF just miss on this shot or is this just the softness of long end of the zoom (400mm)?

Looking at the EXIF, see you shot this 1/250 at f8. So, I guess the problem is actually camera shake. How does the 100-400L perform at f5.6? At least that would allow for a faster shutter speed reducing camera shake issues.


Topic: RE: Tell Me What You Think
Username: Go3Team
Posted 2004-12-04 04:35:07 and read 3389 times.

It could be, I had the IS turned on, but might have held the camera too still. I took a picture with it off and it turned out suprisingly good. I'm going out tomorrow to practice a little more, with different settings. Hopefully someone with this same combo, can give me a good idea on where to start, and go from there.

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