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Topic: G-VFAB "Birthday Girl" En Route To JFK
Username: SevenHeavy
Posted 2005-04-18 20:09:15 and read 3286 times.

For any photographers (or spotters) who are interested G-VFAB is en route to JFK in the new 21st birthday Livery operating as VS003. ETA is 16:17L. Having seen the aircraft close up I must say it is more impressive than initial photos suggested because the artwork on the tail is much more deatiled than you might think. Apparently it is part decal and part new tchnology "mica" paint!  confused .

Anyway, enjoy.



Topic: RE: G-VFAB "Birthday Girl" En Route To JFK
Username: Southpaw8669
Posted 2005-04-18 20:16:29 and read 3280 times.

I will heading out to shoot it as soon as I get out of work.


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