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Topic: Olympus OM-40
Username: Shamrock77
Posted 2000-07-27 03:07:45 and read 3103 times.

I was wondering if anyone has the Olympus OM-40. I have this camera for about a year now,(it was second hand!!) It's a great camer, but I'm having big problems with the batterys. I have to buy new batteries about once every month or so, and am really getting annoyed.

I would appreciate anyone with the same camera, or who used to have it, to give me some advice, or help, whatever.

Many Thanks in advance,

Topic: RE: Olympus OM-40
Username: Jormy
Posted 2000-07-27 21:44:42 and read 3040 times.


I used to have that body and I have to say it really ate lots of batteries, especially during cold winters. Summertimes batteries lasted about 8-10 rolls (36 exp.).

Now I have EOS50 and EOS300 and batteries last 70-110 rolls so I've never been happier.

Helsinki, Finland

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