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Topic: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: N864DA
Posted 2005-10-15 04:03:42 and read 3741 times.


I just uploaded a shot I think is deserving of this important milestone of mine. However, I am not completely sure if it meets the standards of the site even though it might be able to. Should I reupload it under different conditions or should I forget it and upload another one?

The photo is here:

Thank you so much!


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: JeffM
Posted 2005-10-15 04:08:28 and read 3737 times.

It's out of focus. I would choose another.

Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: TWAMD-80
Posted 2005-10-15 05:18:28 and read 3725 times.

Cool photo, but it looks a bit too contrasty to me. On my 100th, the quality wasn't exactly the best but I think it was near acceptable. If able, try not to add too much contrast. And if this doesn't work, keep at that 100 photo goal!


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: Psych
Posted 2005-10-15 09:56:46 and read 3699 times.

Hello Pier,

Unfortunately I would be confident this photo will be rejected for NOA_Quality. I would look for another shot, unless you think it might be possible to re-edit it to produce a better quality overall.

Would I be right in thinking that this was taken at the far each of your zoom? If so, it may not be possible to do much more with it in editing. But I would be very happy to take a look if you would like. Just let me know.

All the best for getting to the 100 mark.


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: Eadster
Posted 2005-10-15 11:09:32 and read 3680 times.

Sorry but I would have to agree with the others that it would get rejected. If its your 100th Upload try and get something special for that milestone.

Good luck with the 100th!

Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: FlyingZacko
Posted 2005-10-15 11:26:52 and read 3677 times.

I'm also thinking it is way out of focus. Either rework it if possible with different USM settings or otherwise you might have to choose another one. You'll get to the 100th no matter what though I'm sure.


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: Mygind66
Posted 2005-10-15 14:35:50 and read 3642 times.

Hi Pier...

I'm sorry too but I'm afraid it would be rejected. Looks blurred and is not centered..

All the best


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: N864DA
Posted 2005-10-16 00:31:50 and read 3614 times.


Thank you all for the helpful comments.

I just removed the photo from the queue. The photo was taken at full zoom with a Sigma 70-300 APO lens at around f/8 or 9 at 400 ISO. As my 300D is long gone, it is extremely difficult to find a good (special) photo in my collection taken with my cr@ppy Panasonic FZ3 that would meet the quality standards. I guess I will need to look at what else there is from my 300D archives. By the way, I got a photo accepted from that same day, also taken at full zoom.

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Pier Picone

Maybe the standards have gone up since I uploaded that one but I didn't think this one was much worse quality wise.


Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: A388
Posted 2005-10-23 04:36:33 and read 3543 times.

That's nice! I hope I will upload my 100th photo here one day, that indeed is a milestone and certainly worth a special photo in my opinion. I now have 59 photos in the database. Can you imagine the road I still have ahead of me....

In anyway, congratulations that you're reaching the 100!!! Big grin



Topic: RE: Advice On 100th Upload
Username: Psych
Posted 2005-10-23 10:13:14 and read 3533 times.

Hello again Pier.

I do think standards have changed very significantly in that time frame. I would think that this Emirates shot would also struggle to make it on to the database now, again for quality reasons.

It is nice for you to have it already there. Certainly when I look back at some of my early photos - taken around the same time as this one above - I myself would now reject them in self-screening on quality or poor editing grounds.

All the best.


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