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Topic: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: Pilotallen
Posted 2006-04-29 02:05:12 and read 6074 times.

Big version: Width: 1000 Height: 664 File size: 100kb

I dunno wether to try to send this still needs some cropping but this is a smaple of some of the photos ive been taking with my new camera....(brand new to this hobby) let me know what i can do to make it better if yah want

Topic: RE: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: NIKV69
Posted 2006-04-29 02:21:27 and read 6068 times.

Nice first pic! I like the second plane in the background.

Your making all the normal rookie mistakes. You cut out the stablizer and it's too high in the frame. Would love to see the original. I am on a shitty monitor but there is something up with edit too. Nothing you can't improve on your next trip out. Your in the right place for advice. So keep shooting!  biggrin 

Topic: RE: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: JeffM
Posted 2006-04-29 03:14:03 and read 6061 times.

Quoting Pilotallen (Thread starter):
I dunno wether to try to send this

Don't. The wb is way off, it's not centered, it's grainy, blurry, and it's underexposed. Check your camera settings.

Topic: RE: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: D L X
Posted 2006-04-29 03:51:11 and read 6050 times.

Is that the edited version, or the original? What focusing mode is it set to?

BTW, you wouldn't happen to be a DTW spotter, would you?

Topic: RE: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: Glennstewart
Posted 2006-04-29 04:15:03 and read 6048 times.

Quoting Pilotallen (Thread starter):
brand new to this hobby

And it's early days, but with practice and some advice from the forums, you'll eventually have some stuff you can upload.

First thing I'll say is, having the right camera doesn't automatically lend itself to excellent photos straight away. As Nik mentioned above, you're making several rookie mistakes we all made at first.

At this stage I won't throw a huge list of recommendations at you. You have to learn to stand before you can walk, so here is my first piece of advice:

Know your camera, lens and the boundaries in which they both work best

This means that for a set of weather conditions and lighting, your camera, lens will have optimal settings. There's not one rule of thumb, but there are ways you can achieve best possible results.

Here are some simple things to take note of:

1. Try at first to shoot in well lit conditions (with the sun behind you) and use lowest possible ISO
2. If using consumer lenses, try to keep your aperture around the sweet spot of the lens (commonly f8 through f11 is fine).
3. Shutter speed isn't as important (in my opinion) as aperture, but try to maintain a medium to high shutter speed (you don't need to go crazy fast).
4. Try different settings and note what does and doesn't work for you and your equipment
5. Talk to friends who have the same or similar equipment

After you get this right, time to move on to framing the shot. The above shot has two common rookie mistakes.

1. You haven't centred the aircraft - it's too high
2. You haven't given yourself room for error - keep a bit of space around the aircraft, you can always crop later

You're a regular forum contributor, now welcome to the photography hobby side  Smile

Glenn Stewart

Topic: RE: My First Pic With My Nikon D50
Username: Pilotallen
Posted 2006-04-29 19:54:17 and read 5960 times.

thanks for all your input...I didnt really have any plans to send it in but I thought it was a good first attempt at a photo....not sure what I have my camera set is full of new features that im not used to in the least...all in good time though....thanks again for all your input and see you all soon....and no Im not a DFW a pilot and will start taking more photos from the road...but Im in BOS.

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