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Topic: Help With '' Photo Request Please.
Username: MarkusB
Posted 2006-07-02 10:57:20 and read 8596 times.

hi all,

I recently received a request for the use of one of my pics on by the site's 'General Editor'.

Now... in order to get an idea if I should charge them for the pic (and how much) I am curious if this really is a purely private site (as he claims) or rather a commercial one (which is my impression).

Anybody ever dealt with them?


Topic: RE: Help With '' Photo Request Please.
Username: INNflight
Posted 2006-07-02 11:39:05 and read 8582 times.

From their website:

The aim of Aeroflight is to provide an authoritative information forum for aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Seems to be non-commercial.

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