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Topic: Which Body/Lens Should I Buy
Username: Airbus380
Posted 2001-09-08 22:52:00 and read 3248 times.

I used to have just a normal Minolta body and normal around 70MM lens. It broke. I didn't even use it for aviation photography. I am now getting serious into aviation photography. What type of SLR body and lens should I buy for around $300? Thanks so much!

Topic: RE: Which Body/Lens Should I Buy
Username: Classic707
Posted 2001-09-10 05:33:32 and read 3223 times.

If you can swing it, I'd go for the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 with a 28-80 and a 100-300mm lense. Nice outfit that you can do alot with.

Topic: RE: Which Body/Lens Should I Buy
Username: Jwenting
Posted 2001-09-10 09:07:36 and read 3219 times.

Or a Nikon F80 or F100 with some nice lenses.
Even an F65 can give good results.

The body is just a black box with a meter, a windermotor and a lensmotor.
Get one that feels comfortable to you, the outside look and feel are more important than the details of the specs (though you will want center- and spotmetering, plus aperture and shutterpriority modes).
All the major brands (and some of the minor ones) make excellent cameras.
The differences in quality between Nikon, Minolta, Canon, Sigma and Pentax are small enough that they don't really matter anymore.
Glass (lens) quality is more important, but there as well the differences are small.
If you think you may want to rent lenses once in a while, go for Nikon as it has the widest availability of rentals (Canon is increasing, though. Minolta stopped renting lenses a few years ago).
Nikon has the larges choice of lenses available, especially as Canon seems to have problems with some 3rd party lenses.

Go to a good store that has several brands in stock and displayed side by side (so not one brand in the frontwindow and another somewhere in the back, you won't get good advice there, they are trying to push one brand in favour of another), select several bodies in the pricerange you have in mind and compare them. Have someone fit a 100-300 or similar and hold the camera. Is it comfortable, can you reach the controls easily, etc.?
I took half a year before I decided on getting an F80, first reading all I could find about all the cameras on the market to come to a shortlist of bodies offering the features I wanted. I came up with a list of 4 bodies, 2 Minoltas, a Canon and the F80 that were within my budget.
Sadly, one of the Minoltas had been discontinued, reducing my choices to 3. Of those, the Nikon came out as the most ergonomical for me.

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