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Topic: Spotting At LAX-TBIT
Username: Historic747
Posted 2006-09-09 04:54:13 and read 5891 times.

Hi All

I will be travelling ORD-LAX-TPE-SIN-BOM-FRA-ORD in a few days from now. I have about 5 hours at LAX TBIT. Do you guys know of any particular area within TBIT from where I can spot and take some nice pictures. Also are there any good places one can spot from within Changi airport? I have access to all of the Star Alliance lounges? Does anybody know of any lounge that faces strategically? I am extremely thankful to any suggestions.


Topic: RE: Spotting At LAX-TBIT
Username: HT
Posted 2006-09-09 19:50:26 and read 5855 times.

This thread might get more response in "Civil" as there are a number of locals & insiders of LAX in that forum ...

SIN: My last visit was too long ago

LAX: LH`s FTL lounge in TBIT offers no views at all.
With 5 hours to spare you might want to consider to look for locations outside the terminal.
The usual locations include "In'N'Out Burger" and Imperial Hill as well as one of the longterm car parks.

Topic: RE: Spotting At LAX-TBIT
Username: Airplanenut
Posted 2006-09-10 19:07:01 and read 5805 times.

I've never been inside the international terminal, but here's what I can say from being outside it:

On the left side you'll be in line with the departures leaving 25R. On the right, you'll be seeing the touchdowns onto 24R. I don't, however, know where there are windows...

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