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Topic: JetBlue And JFK
Username: Matt D
Posted 2000-09-18 16:52:13 and read 1597 times.

Can anyone give me some tips on getting good pix of JetBlue from the terminals at JFK? I want good side shots with sun at my back. No shadow side or nose-to-sun pix.
Can this be done from any of the terminals there? I've heard that security at JFK makes it feel like you're at Sing Sing.

Topic: RE: JetBlue And JFK
Username: DCA-ROCguy
Posted 2000-09-21 21:41:52 and read 1503 times.

Dear Matt,

You might want to contact Rob Simmons. Check out his shots of JetBlue at JFK--he's got a great one of argyle-tail N504JB, I think it is, taxiing past the TWA terminal. That's one of the crispest and best-lit--almost no shadow--shots I've ever seen. Good work Rob.

Because the JetBlue terminal (T6) faces north, you'll probably need to shoot in morning to early afternoon to get good shots, looking north to south across the runway from the cargo area. I haven't tried to shoot from the cargo area and don't know what the access or views are like, though.

Just my suggestion,

Jim K.
Washington, DC

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