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Topic: Usage Request Help
Username: Mictheslik
Posted 2008-11-02 05:35:06 and read 3294 times.

I've never really had a request before so some help would be appreciated.....

It concerns this photo;

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Photo © Michael Lovering

Here's the email......

Dear Michael,

I work for EDS and we are looking at producing a one off mousemat to give to a small team of users who use EDS' Mission Planning Software. We have found your picture on and would like know how much you would charge to use this picture and grant a copyright licence? Be great to hear from you.

*** *******
EDS Defence

Any ideas?



Topic: RE: Usage Request Help
Username: Calfo
Posted 2008-11-02 07:23:25 and read 3275 times.

I've lost a few customers before, so what I like to do know is Suggest a price ($50+, $100+, $200+ $500+) but say that its open. Instead of giving a price and never hearing back from them ever again.

just my 2cents


Topic: RE: Usage Request Help
Username: Daleaholic
Posted 2008-11-02 17:08:39 and read 3237 times.

I'd ask how many mousemats are being produced and work out a reasonable price from that. I wouldn't grant them a copyright license though, just allow them to use it.

Topic: RE: Usage Request Help
Username: AKE0404AR
Posted 2008-11-03 10:32:42 and read 3188 times.

Just ask a couple of questions like the company name, contact person, phone number
resolution needed or provided max resolution, how many copies they want to produce etc....

you get the idea. The more specific your questions are the more specific will be their answers, at least most times.


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