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Topic: B-2 Flyover At PWM?
Username: michlis
Posted 2010-06-14 05:17:40 and read 1834 times.

I was doing some sport shooting in Scarborough, Maine on Saturday and was shocked as hell to see a B-2 fly over. I know there was an open house at PWM that day and was wondering if anyone could confirm whether the B-2 did a fly-over and if they managed to get a shot. I didn't get a shot as the weather was overcast and very backlit, which is a crying shame since a B-2 in this area is pretty rare.

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Topic: RE: B-2 Flyover At PWM?
Username: PWMRamper
Posted 2010-06-14 19:35:36 and read 1741 times.

Quoting michlis (Thread starter):

I work at PWM and indeed, the B-2 did fly over. Was amazing. I didn't get a shot but a few people in the PWM Yahoo group did. These shots are NOT mine:

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