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Topic: Is This An Alright Camera
Username: thatmattguy21
Posted 2010-10-14 20:12:45 and read 4152 times.

So I don't have that much money to spend (I'm 16 years old) and in my christmas holidays I'm going to go to sydney airport many times to take photos from the international terminal. I only need a point and shoot, so I'm going to choose a Nikon Coolpix s8000. It's pretty good from what I've been told, but I need your input and also is anyone knowledgeable about sydney activity.


Topic: RE: Is This An Alright Camera
Username: vincyag2000
Posted 2010-10-15 22:35:32 and read 4044 times.

Just don't use digital zoom  

Topic: RE: Is This An Alright Camera
Username: oly720man
Posted 2010-10-16 03:28:49 and read 4023 times.

The reviews seem reasonable, but it may not be happy with action shots.

Still, when it came to capturing action, we got the impression that the Nikon S8000 just wasn't up to it. It's designed to be sure of what it sees, and if things are happening too fast for it, it just won't fire until things settle down. Family events frequently have movement, and it was at these times--and a few others--that the Nikon S8000 just stopped working. So as a long zoom for casual shooting around town, the Nikon S8000 will do just fine, but leave the action shots to other cameras.

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