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Topic: Photo Location Issues
Username: jspitfire
Posted 2010-10-25 10:00:06 and read 3746 times.

I need some help with how to properly label some of my photos with regards to the location they were taken. I am a bush pilot in Canada's North, and we often fly to un-named lakes. The photo below is an example.

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Photo © Jason Pineau

I have been asked by the screeners to change the "unknown" location on this one, and not to use it on future uploads. I know exactly where the photo was taken, but how can I label it when the lake has no name? Can I use "off airport" without any description after it? Can I reference another nearby lake?



Topic: RE: Photo Location Issues
Username: Viscount724
Posted 2010-10-25 14:19:40 and read 3720 times.

What about showing the approximate GPS latitude/longitude coordinates plus the country and province/territory, perhaps also the approximate distance/direction from the nearest significant airport and its IATA/ICAO codes?

Example: Unnamed lake, Canada, Northwest Territories, x deg. N, y deg. W, approx. 200 nm NE of Yellowknife (YZF/CYZF).

If necessary, som of that could go in the photo caption/description rather than in the location field.

Topic: RE: Photo Location Issues
Username: dlowwa
Posted 2010-10-25 17:20:30 and read 3709 times.


"Off-Airport - near Rebesca Lake" or "Off-Airport - Rebesca Lake area" or some other similar should be fine. "Off-Airport - Unnamed Lake" would be possible as well, but would be a less desirable option.

Topic: RE: Photo Location Issues
Username: jspitfire
Posted 2010-10-25 17:34:39 and read 3704 times.


Changed to "Off-Airport - near Rebesca Lake"

I'll use this format for future similar uploads as well.


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