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Topic: Looking For A Camera
Username: 3DoorsDown
Posted 2011-07-14 21:38:17 and read 4855 times.

I am going to Europe for a few weeks next Spring. I am looking for a smaller camera with good capabilities. I have a Canon10D and 30D and a bunch of lenses including a 100-400IS.But that's the problem. I don't really want to haul it all with me. I tried it in China and it got old fast. I also have aCanon SX20IS. I wanted to take it, but I think it is on its last leg. So I am looking for opinions about a good camera similar to the SX20IS except maybe a little faster. I plan on shooting some people, aircraft, architecture, landscapes. I am thinking anything under a grand is in my range. I may end up taking the big rigs, but if there is something smaller, lighter,it would be great. Thanks for any opinions.

Topic: RE: Looking For A Camera
Username: NZ107
Posted 2011-07-15 01:39:30 and read 4833 times.

How about a Canon G series? They're pretty good and it'll all be familiar to you seeing you've got so many Canon products already. Obviously you can't compare them with DSLRs but if you want the compact-ness, then I guess it's one way to go.

Topic: RE: Looking For A Camera
Username: ckw
Posted 2011-07-15 07:15:17 and read 4795 times.

Have a look at the micro 4/3 range - my personal favorite is the Panasonic Lumix GF1. Don't be deceived by the digicam looks ... this will certainly outperform your 10D in terms of image quality, and some of the lenses available are top of class in terms of quality.

Since Panasonic has since released a GF2, you may get the GF1 at a good price. Many think the GF1 is actually a better camera, as Panasonic dumbed it down a bit in the newer model.



Topic: RE: Looking For A Camera
Username: afterburner
Posted 2011-07-15 18:59:43 and read 4758 times.

If you want a small camera with a fast lens, consider Olympus XZ-1. This camera has the biggest aperture f1.8 at the wide end (28mm equivalent) and f2.5 at the long end (112mm equivalent).

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