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Topic: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: Garyck
Posted 2011-08-09 15:23:59 and read 5032 times.

A little story for what happened to myself at Karl Nixon (Jaktrax) today.

The idea was to get the TNT cargo 777 on departure at 5.30am The weather was poor, to much cloud and went of an hour late. As we drove around the airfield to the Cafe for breakfast, we stumbled across the Nimrod, I had forgot it was there. We looked at the cloud situation, and decided to come back later.

Got back later, took some shots of the Nimrod, and many civvi aircraft including a nice C130. Security had a moan at us as the ladders were to close to the fence, We moved them back as requested, but got the shots we wanted anyway and left...........

As we were driving off, A fat little man walked in to the middle of the road and stopped me driving, walked around my side of the car, I wound down the window. ''CAN YOU PLEASE PULL YOUR CAR OVER THERE, TURN OFF THE VEHICLE AND GET OUT, SECURITY WANT A WORD''. mmm a little head scraching went on, So I asked why. He replied ''your in a restricted area, YOU CAN BE SHOT FOR WHAT YOUR DOING, taking pictures of a military aircraft''. I had to correct him at this point, and inform him the Nimrod is no longer a military aircraft, its part of the Museum and as far as I'm aware I can not be shot. We let him know that security have asked us to move, he went to tell us that ''SECURITY IS POOR here at EMA and if it was down to him, he'd have us arrested and taken away.

He then changed the coversation to say that we are tresspassing and we can be clamped, We made our excuses that we hadn't realised we had tresspassed as there are not signs, he informed us that if we look behind us there are some very faded signs on the fence.. Karl was starting to get a little frustrated, they began talking about by-laws and civil matters. We were offerd a copy of the by-laws for the area, but when we said ok, he changed the conversation again............Ready for this

''Why can't you find something better to do than take pictures of aircraft, your not 14'', Now I was starting to get mad, I told him its a hobby........ to which he laughed. I asked him what he thinks I do for a living.............. I'm a fully grown man and have a full time job for a car manufacturer, if I want to take pictures so be it.

It was at this point we drove off, he was left stood in the middle of the road writting down the reg of my car. As we pulled out of the road, the Police were pulling in, they never stopped us. We contact Leicestershire Police control room to ask/talk about this incident, letting them know everything that was said and threatened. Nothing had been logged with them in the first place according the woman in the control room.

I fully understand that if we were in the wrong, I'd put my hands up to which I can tolerate, but to be insulted like this is disrespectful. To make maters worse, an employee of the Airport then ridicules the security that protects him. I still can't believe we were told that we can be shot for taking a pictures of a plane at an airport.

Here's one of the images. Nimrod R1 XW664.


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Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: chuck9941
Posted 2011-08-09 16:20:26 and read 5014 times.

I think a few of us are already thinking it but....

Was kinda hoping for the shot of the other 'Nimrod'   

Quoting Garyck (Thread starter):
To make maters worse, an employee of the Airport then ridicules the security that protects him.

somebody always has to be the hero who can always do better

Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: JakTrax
Posted 2011-08-09 16:51:12 and read 5009 times.

He actually told us that trespass is a civil offence, but then proceeded to threaten us with a police presence. In such cases, the police must simply act as observers, and ensure that peace between two disagreeing parties is maintained. A civil action is required to remove someone from private property, but seeing as we were leaving anyway (and we weren't entirely convinced by his description of applicable 'by-laws') it seemed rather irrelevant to go through all that fuss.

His badge read 'Engineering Manager' - quite what gives him the right to stop a vehicle and have its owner hand over keys and step out I don't know! Horrible little man with a badge who thinks it gives him some kind of elevated authority.

I never once argued that the by-laws were wrong, but I did sincerely ask for a copy - which HE offered to ME initially! I even offered to apologise if the by-laws supported his actions, however without notification signs I felt I had the right to question his judgement. All equal, right?

I'm sure it would soon have been a public enough road had I been driving around drunk.....

It got to an unacceptable level when he started getting personal against us and our hobby. Quite frankly, I found his actions and words childish and downright rude. He proved his level of professionalism in the last 60 seconds of the encounter.


Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: indiaecho
Posted 2011-08-11 09:59:56 and read 4861 times.

What an obnoxious little man!!!

East Midlands is an airport very close to my heart, as it is where I discovered this wonderful hobby over 20 years ago, and while I don't get to go back as often as I would like, I always enjoy my visits to the airport.

Did you manage to get the name of his employer? If you did, it might be worthwhile dropping them an e-mail saying how dissapointed you were to encounter one of their employees (and clearly identifiable as such) behaving in such a rude and uncalled for manner. While what you were doing probably did contravene the airport by laws (I have not read the EMA by laws, but airport by laws generally usually only allow passengers, people picking passengers up or dropping them off and employees to be on airport land) that doesn't make what he did right.

He certainly had no right to stop you, and you had no obligation to stop, and dependent on the status of the road he may have committed a criminal offence himself by blocking the road. He also had no right to threaten you with being shot, and to seek to ridicule you or your hobby.

Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: ryan h
Posted 2011-08-11 10:07:03 and read 4860 times.

What an obnoxious little w*****.

Put some people un a uniform and give them a fancy title and this is what you get.

Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: Garyck
Posted 2011-08-11 13:05:40 and read 4827 times.

Quoting indiaecho (Reply 3):
Did you manage to get the name of his employer?

No I didn't, but I'm working on it. His name bage was an official East Midland Airport one which was also a photo ID, so I expect he's an employee of the airport and not one of the business around the airport.

Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: picturethis
Posted 2011-08-12 08:17:00 and read 4750 times.

I would have probably just said "yeah, yeah pal, whatever" whilst preceding to just drive off after about a minute of listening to him.

Like you said, jumped up bloke with zero authority. Get back to Managing your Engineering.

Good photo by the way, I was round there the other day and there was a small fence making it hard to get any photos.

Topic: RE: Photogaphy Issue Today At EGNX/EMA
Username: darreno1
Posted 2011-08-12 17:21:45 and read 4695 times.

I would definitely pursue this and take it as far as possible. Wimps on power trips sometime deserve to be put in their place. Great pic btw!

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