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Topic: Nikon D7000 Settings
Username: richstuart
Posted 2012-04-12 14:51:02 and read 7999 times.


Just wondering what focus settings people are using on the Nikon D7000. I'm about to try mine out for the first time at the weekend and it would be useful to get a view on what focus settings / modes work best. Is the 3D tracking AF mode with centre spot selected the best to use?

Any comments much appreciated.


Topic: RE: Nikon D7000 Settings
Username: MaximLezin
Posted 2012-04-12 15:28:17 and read 7989 times.

Hello, I have the D5100, with the same sensor, so maybe I can lend a hand.
3D Tracking works fairly well, especially with the D7000 in my experience. AF is good for shots where the camera can actually focus on the aircraft, or surronding area. Sometimes, if your shooting it into the sky it may not focus in time. Best way to sometimes get around it is MF. AF-C and 3D Tracking are usually the best combination when spotting.

Topic: RE: Nikon D7000 Settings
Username: darreno1
Posted 2012-04-12 16:35:25 and read 7982 times.

I have found autofocus (AF-A) works well enough so I hardly use the other modes. And it switches to AF-C automatically as needed for moving objects. I also use all the focus points (39) and have never had the need to switch.

Some people have encountered a known tendency of this body to back-focus at times but I haven't had those problems as pronounced as others since the majority of my shots are sharp. Just be sure to update the firmware to the latest.

For metering I use matrix most of the time. The only downside is a slight tendency of the sensor to overexpose in bright sunlight. Using manual mode or negative compensation (S and A priority modes) usually takes care of that issue. Switching to spot or center weighted metering also helps but at the risk of underexposure in some shots.

The d7000 body is nothing short of superb for its class but you have to have really good glass to take full advantage of it. Also the noise and color performance are very good. Many of my shots require very little NR and usually no color enhancement. You should be happy with it.

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