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Topic: Taking Photos At The Farnborough Airshow
Username: conoramoia
Posted 2012-06-23 07:34:21 and read 7893 times.

Hi Guys,

As the title might hint I'm looking for how to/ where to take photos at the airshow.
Should I buy a diamond ticket with seating or Public ticket whereby I'd be standing.
It'll be my first time at the show so I'm trying sus things out before going.



Topic: RE: Taking Photos At The Farnborough Airshow
Username: ckw
Posted 2012-06-23 11:04:00 and read 7833 times.

Frankly I'd save on the seating and buy an umbrella instead  

Seriously the seating at Farnborough (assuming same set up us previous years) offers no advantage photo-wise. Try getting there early and stake out a patch along the fenceline. You might want to think about whether you're interested in rotations or touchdowns, and position yourself accordingly (the seating usually favours rotations).



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