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Topic: Nikon L120 Question
Username: PHX787
Posted 2012-07-18 12:32:59 and read 6302 times.

So yes, my camera isn't probably the best, but I've been severely restricted by money since the recession.

It's the nikon coolpix L120 model and it has taken pretty amazing photos before (which I've won an award for once) but not when it comes to aviation photography.

What is the optimal setting for this camera when it comes to photographing planes, especially out here in PHX?

Any other tips?


Topic: RE: Nikon L120 Question
Username: viv
Posted 2012-07-19 02:40:14 and read 6236 times.

I do not know this camera, but I suspect that it is limited by having a small sensor.

For best possible results, use the lowest ISO possible, avoid very small and very large apertures and do NOT use the digital zoom feature.

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