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Topic: IPhone Photo Acceptance
Username: mjlewis
Posted 2012-08-17 21:59:40 and read 7639 times.

I recently saw a photo that was in the top photos one days, and it was taken by an iPhone 4S.

How often will they be accepting a photo of this sort? I know the camera takes real decent pics, but knowing how some judge/critique the photos here, I know that the quality at some resolutions wouldn't normally pass some standards of the screeners. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

I presume given the lighting situation and I suppose by however much editing it takes to clear the shot up, it could be done more often?

Topic: RE: IPhone Photo Acceptance
Username: gphoto
Posted 2012-08-17 22:30:07 and read 7625 times.


It all comes down to the quality of the submitted picture and, to a certain extent, the circumstances shown in the image. There is some leeway for older photographs for example - the Screeners do not expect a photograph taken in the 1950's to match one taken with a professional Nikon or Canon in 2012. There is still a quality bar to cross however, even for older images. Not a factor in this discussion as there were not many camera phones back then!

For a modern image, the device used to take it is irrelevant to the Screeners. If the image meets the acceptance criteria, they will accept it. It does not matter if that image was taken on a camera phone, a DSLR or a low end point and shoot. The device used to take the image will be important to the uploader however, as it determines the starting quality of the image they have to edit. A plus point in this day and age is that you can always have a reasonable camera in your pocket if the one on the phone is good enough.

It would have been unthinkable to have camera phone images accepted in the past, but as the technology improves there must come a point where they become good enough. I guess we are just getting there, but I bet the acceptance ratio will still be low for such devices for some time to come.

Best regards,


Topic: RE: IPhone Photo Acceptance
Username: mjlewis
Posted 2012-08-18 05:09:14 and read 7553 times.

Makes sense. And I by all means wasn't knocking the photo, it was a very nice pic of a United 764 in Hawaii, and I also really liked it because my dad flys that plane to the same destination somewhat often. I will have to start looking through my iPhone now to see if I have some worthy photos, because I know I've had some decent luck with it! lol

Topic: RE: IPhone Photo Acceptance
Username: jpmagero
Posted 2012-08-18 08:04:25 and read 7521 times.

I had a photo taken with a Blackberry accepted ... the quality was nothing special, but the circumstances were special as it was the first photo I took after an emergency landing without any landing gear. It otherwise would not have been accepted.

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