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Topic: Upload Queue Rejected Photos Re-appearing?
Username: Tonyholt777
Posted 2012-08-22 11:50:21 and read 7699 times.

Hi All,

I know Dana posted on the queue technical issues (which is now closed) a while back. However, I keep getting 2 photos appearing in my upload queue that were rejected some time back. Its just happened again when I tried to upload a 9th image I got the message saying my limit had been reach albeit I knew I had only 8/10. I went into my queue and sure enough there where the 2 images again. I went through the process of deleting them which I have done a couple of times previously.

Anyone else?

Cheers T

Topic: RE: Upload Queue Rejected Photos Re-appearing?
Username: Bruce
Posted 2012-08-22 20:42:17 and read 7628 times.

Yep...I've got several in my queue that were uploaded on May 23. However, they seem to be ghost images that aren't in the screening queue because my current (today) rejects were uploaded last week.


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