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Topic: Spotting / Photography In China - Tolerated?
Username: airevents
Posted 2012-08-30 02:02:41 and read 8104 times.

Hello there,

I will be heading out to China soon and plan to spend a few hours at the airport to do some spotting or take pictures. As I have never done this in China, I was wondering if it is generally tolerated by the police / authorities? Will I possibly run into trouble when hanging around in the terminal or next to it taking some pictures?

Thanks for your advice!


Topic: RE: Spotting / Photography In China - Tolerated?
Username: jpmagero
Posted 2012-08-30 04:01:05 and read 8083 times.

I spent 2 hrs at the airport taking shots of planes on the tarmac from inside the terminal. I was not bothered or even approached once. Shots were not the best as there was a very heavy fog/haze, and was shooting through glass, but got some interesting photos - just not really good enough to upload here.

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