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Topic: Best YYZ Spotting Locations
Username: xcoaster1
Posted 2012-09-04 13:02:31 and read 7847 times.

Thinking about spending a day at YYZ on the 14th and was looking for the best spots.

I know FedEx Hill provides good spotting in the afternoon and the Sheraton has good views from the higher airport facing rooms. Are there any other locations without the fence or possibly room/window glare?

I have seen photos of the Petro gas station (Airport Rd.), but was unsure of any police activity in that area or anything that may be "not allowed". I would be there mainly to see the heavies as they come in, so any good advice would help.

Also, any info on the main runways used for the wind conditions.

Topic: RE: Best YYZ Spotting Locations
Username: MaximLezin
Posted 2012-09-04 13:17:40 and read 7839 times.

Fedex Hill doesnt exsist anymore but the road that leads to the airport still does, so your best bet is shooting through the fence. The Petro spot is by far the best place since it offers extremely low aircraft, guaranteeing an adenaline rush, and some spectacular shots. There is also an airport adult club which offers views of arriving aircraft on 24R and 24L. You dont have to go in its just on their parking lot. In terms of runway 06L and 06R there is a bit of police activity there, and on occasion they do make spotters leave. You can get taxing aircraft there either off the hill there or through the fence. You can also go infield and if you get lucky with the wind get arrivals on 33R and 33L. These runways are not used often, but the potential shots you can get are incredible, since the action is extremely close! As for 05, the former Fedex Hill place is good, and you can also get 23 departures head on if you go to the beginning of 05 on Dixie road. But that requires a high zoom tele. Anyway happy spotting, and let us know when youre in town! Cheers!

Topic: RE: Best YYZ Spotting Locations
Username: xcoaster1
Posted 2012-09-04 18:35:26 and read 7803 times.

Thanks for the info!

Again, I'm mainly looking to catch the heavies as I said earlier, hoping that the old FedEx hill area is good enough and the Petro station. Looking at possibly staying at the Sheraton since prices are not horrid.

I'm planning on being there on Friday September 14, all day if needed. Coming in from Texas the night before into BUF and driving into the city.

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