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Topic: Manchester Airport Joes Field
Username: ezy6rm
Posted 2012-09-07 07:19:35 and read 7290 times.

Hi guys sorry to start another topic on joes field. Can someone tell me what the latest is with joes field or is there any other spots near by to get 23R line ups with landings to would be great full someone told me with steps I can get 23R line ups

Topic: RE: Manchester Airport Joes Field
Username: derekf
Posted 2012-09-07 11:53:02 and read 7251 times.

I haven't been there for months but I flew out of Manchester recently and it looked to me like the mounds are gone completely. The car park and the street lights must make it is very difficult for photography. Shame as it was a great spot.

Topic: RE: Manchester Airport Joes Field
Username: dazbo5
Posted 2012-09-08 00:19:53 and read 7199 times.

I've not been there since January as I was was under the impression the mounds have now gone making any photography, other than approach shots, difficult. If you look at photos in the database from the north side of runway 23R, you can see the car park with no mounds to the rear so I haven't bothered going down that side to check.


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