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Topic: Fairchild FH-227 Video
Username: access-air
Posted 2012-10-01 07:48:30 and read 5346 times.


Im still looking for ANY video footage that anyone might have of any Fairchild FH-227 video footage.
Beyond the scant hints of clips that I have found on Youtube, Im having a heck of a time finding footage of this aircraft.

Ideally Im looking for any Ozark, Mohawk, Northeast or Piedmont. Air New England and Britt would be lovely as well.

Id also love to see some video footage from TAT -France.

Please note that I am not looking for Fokker or Fairchild F27 footage.

Please drop me a line if you can steer me into the right direction...

Cheers, Gary (access-air)

Topic: RE: Fairchild FH-227 Video
Username: UltimateDelta
Posted 2012-10-07 09:51:52 and read 5117 times.

Here's what I've managed to find, just searching quickly: (starting at about 3:20) (at about 1:09)

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