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Topic: Request To Buy Photo Right
Username: kl692
Posted 2012-10-18 15:17:08 and read 6286 times.

Hello all, I have been asked this question for one of my images and wondering what should be a good price for it.

"Could you also please tell me how much it would be to buy the photo rights for just one image instead of having you print the picture for me and sending it here?"

Any feedback would be great


Topic: RE: Request To Buy Photo Right
Username: ckw
Posted 2012-10-18 16:27:37 and read 6269 times.

The first thing is to make sure both you and the customer understand what is being asked.

By selling your "photo rights" you are giving the buyer the right to use, reproduce and sell on the image as he sees fit. You, on the other hand can no longer sell or publish the image without his permission.

In the context of the post, I suspect that is not what is meant - he probably wants a file he can print himself rather than have you print it for him.

Two very different things, with very different prices! - best check which it is he's after



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