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Topic: Some Questions About AMS
Username: eskillawl
Posted 2012-10-21 04:55:06 and read 5443 times.

Hello, so next week it's autumn holiday and I'm planning a trip to Amsterdam Schiphol for some planespotting. As I dont have driving license I'll have to walk. Therefore I guess the terrace is the best place for spotting. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So after what I've read and heard I won't get any action shoots from the terrace, mostly taxing and/or gate shots. Therefore I won't see any cargo traffic, or? Is it even something that you recommend? What kind of traffic will taxi and/or park there? Only KLM?

I will fly into terminal 3 if that's any help. Thank you all. (Also I've got a 300mm if that's any help).

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: eskillawl
Posted 2012-10-21 23:12:01 and read 5368 times.

So.. I guess not a single one been to the spotting terrace at AMS..?

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: Darksnowynight
Posted 2012-10-22 00:50:41 and read 5353 times.

I was there a few weeks ago. You'll get some great close ups of PAX MD-11s, 74Ms, and a good deal of F28s. The terrace warps 75% of the way around the center concourse so you'll have decent access. But for the EK 380 & a lot of the Asian carries, you'll have to keep up with their departure times, as you'll only get those as they taxi by.

Just be ware, there is a lot trash in that little lift on the way up to the terrace. Not sure how often they clean that out.

Also, will you be able to get out to the Polderbaan? They have a great viewing park there (one thing I thought was kind of cool is that if you look off to the north, you'll see a bunch of Wind Turbines lined up so that the blades perform a "pinwheel" effect every few seconds.... neat stuff...)

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: NZ107
Posted 2012-10-22 02:07:18 and read 5345 times.

It all depends on the wind direction. You may have planes taking off in front of you or you may not. Probably comes down to luck too but it's not that you'll miss everything. 18L departures is what you want.

It's a really long observation deck - it looks over the non-Schengen piers which includes the KLM pier and also part of the other airlines' gates at the Fokker end.

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: eskillawl
Posted 2012-10-22 06:01:42 and read 5322 times.

Thank you. Ok, and I guess it's impossible to get to any other spotting location whitout wheels?

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: ilpavone2004
Posted 2012-10-22 10:19:46 and read 5300 times.

Well with a bus you can get to the Mc Donald and to some spotting points around the Kaagban

Topic: RE: Some Questions About AMS
Username: petertenthije
Posted 2012-10-22 15:24:45 and read 5280 times.

You can get around using the bus. You can see the buslines at my site. Only disadavantage can be that Schiphol quite often switches their runways. So it can happen that you spend an hour to get to the Polderbaan, only for it to be closed for a few hours.

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