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Topic: LAX Imperial Hill - A Warning
Username: AndyEastMids
Posted 2012-10-23 08:10:02 and read 5923 times.

LAX Imperial Hill - warning

Last week a friend of mine had over $15000 worth of camera gear (1D4 x 2, 500mm etc) taken from a rental car parked on Imperial Hill at LAX. He was distracted by a guy wanting directions and whilst his attention was diverted another guy pulled the camera gear out of my friend's rental car. The thieves rapidly left the scene in a car driven by a third guy before they could be stopped.

So, just a recommendation to be careful up on the Hill... If they got away with it once they may try again, and many of us have a lot of valuable gear with us up there.


Topic: RE: LAX Imperial Hill - A Warning
Username: vikkyvik
Posted 2012-10-23 10:52:45 and read 5859 times.

Thanks for the warning Andy - much appreciated. I try to always keep an eye on my car, but obviously not always possible.

Hope the police manage to locate them.

Topic: RE: LAX Imperial Hill - A Warning
Username: WakeTurbulence
Posted 2012-10-23 12:06:57 and read 5834 times.

Was the car unlocked or were the windows down? How did they get the gear so fast without making a scene?
PS This is a good lesson for anyone with expensive gear to have an insurance policy. I insure $10,000+ of camera gear for around $120 per year. It covers all losses anywhere in the world.

Topic: RE: LAX Imperial Hill - A Warning
Username: nickh
Posted 2012-10-23 15:05:23 and read 5703 times.

I would have your friend check with their auto insurance policy, and depending on the policy, they might be able to recover some of the damages/theft from the rental vehicle.

Check with the credit card company that the car was rented on, if that applies.

Shame that something like this had to happen, but still, there are options and perhaps your friend can afford new equipment now. It won't bring back the images on his cards if they were stolen also, but still, it is something.

Good Luck,


Topic: RE: LAX Imperial Hill - A Warning
Username: chrisair
Posted 2012-10-24 10:25:44 and read 5498 times.

Have your friend file a report with El Segundo PD, AND to keep an eye out at Pawn Shops, ebay, craigslist etc. Did your friend get a license plate number for the thief's car?

Was it a 500 f/4?

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