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Topic: Lowepro Fastpack 250 & 350 For Longer Lenses.
Username: CcrlR
Posted 2012-11-07 18:10:04 and read 6199 times.

I recently purchased a Lowepro Fastpack 250 for photography travel and I was really happy with it's use on a recent trip. I was wondering about if anyone has had any problems with the Fastpack 250 or 350 on longer lenses when attached to the camera for traveling on aircraft? I was concerned a little bit when I had a smaller lens for close-up shots in it and thought about "what if I get a longer lens like the Sigma 150-500mm or Canon 100-400mm and I need to travel with it?" I don't think changing lenses would be that much of a problem but may take longer to get a special shot while flying (changing from big to small lenses when the bag is under the seat and the flap open), but I had an idea of just packing them around clothing in my roll-on suitcase if needed.

I was just looking for something that is small, can fit my laptop, other things, and camera equipment in and is within the size range for both mainline and regional airlines' aircraft, and I found something that actually works that I am satisfied with.

If I want to get the 350 for larger and longer lenses, will that be compatible with the 1 carry-on and 1 personal item?

Anybody had this dillemma before or just packing it in your carry-on suitcase with your clothes as rpotection works for you?

Topic: RE: Lowepro Fastpack 250 & 350 For Longer Lenses.
Username: dlowwa
Posted 2012-11-07 19:36:24 and read 6199 times.

I've had a Fastpack 350 for the past couple of years, and have taken it on 20+ flights in that time. Not once was its size a problem for carrying on, though I did get caught once on the weight, as packed with gear + computer I'm sure its nearly always over the max weight for a carry on item. Thing is, it still looks small enough that I only ever got asked to weigh it the one time.

As for using it with long lenses, there's not really enough space in the camera compartment to keep a long lens attached to a camera, so when traveling I've arranged the compartment so that the telephoto is securely packed away, but not readily accessible. In any case, I can't imagine needing anything more than a short-telephoto in flight (and even that is a stretch), so that shouldn't be a problem. If you were thinking of using the longer lens to shoot from the terminal or something, you should have the time and space to unpack it and change lenses relatively easily.

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