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Topic: "Hoodeye" Loupe For Live View
Username: Geezer
Posted 2012-12-03 23:49:19 and read 4785 times.

Has anyone on the site had any experience using Hoodman's "Hoodeye loupe" on your display ?

I've been doing a fair bit of night shooting of late, and I'm using "live view" almost exclusively; in looking through the different offerings, I've seen loupes that run all the way from $25 USD to over $300; Hoodman makes pretty good stuff, and their 3'' loupe is about $75; I very rarely (if ever) buy anything "optical" that's "cheap", but I also can't see having $300 in something just to study comp and focus, and $75 sounds about right for a quality simple lens like a loupe.


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