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Topic: Mix Of Day And Night Photography
Username: Garyck
Posted 2012-12-20 14:29:18 and read 6644 times.

Its time to look at my proper photography trip to the USA for next year.

It wont be untill Oct/Nov 2013 as I already have a smaller holiday booked - JFK in May, then maybe BCN in july and RIAT/Fairford in between.

I'm looking a locations that offer alot of traffic in the day, but once the sun sets, photography continues well into the night. So far its looking like LAX as there's lots of carriers and I can jump in the car a do a few days as LAS and Nellis, But..........

Houston seems to get plenty of fantastic nightshots, with Phoenix not far behind.

Any views and thoughts, Looking at anywhere in the USA, that is served by American Airlines (Got to keep collecting those AAdvantage miles)


Topic: RE: Mix Of Day And Night Photography
Username: McG1967
Posted 2012-12-20 14:58:15 and read 6624 times.


Might be worth checking the airshow calendars as well to see if there are any shows on during the dates you want to go in the places you want to go as well.

I did some night stuff at LAS in February this year. The international flights have now moved to the new terminal, meaning shots of BA 744s with the strip behind are unlikely. Also the strip itself is a great non aviation night photo location - so many lights,


Topic: RE: Mix Of Day And Night Photography
Username: andrew50
Posted 2012-12-20 15:05:00 and read 6623 times.

We do have excellent opportunities here in Houston for night photography. Of course after the time changes in November would be the best time for night photography. You can start shooting around 6pm, and their is plenty of movement for sure. There are opportunities later in the evening also. United has a big push at 9pm. Of course there is quite a lot of traffic at IAH, but the majority is United, but you definitely will get plenty of shots during the day. IAH is very spotter friendly too. You also have HOU here, a lot of SWA traffic, but I like it for the biz jet traffic. LAX is definitely fantastic! I have shot their at night several times, and you can't beat the "alley" at the TBIT. My only concern is the new TBIT is supposed to open next year, and I have a feeling those opportunities for night photography at the "alley" might be history. I am sure some of the local LAX guys would have more info about that. MIA is also one of my favorites, but I have never seen anything at night. If you do decide to stop by Houston, let me know and I will show you around.

Andrew Compolo

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