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Topic: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: Tomskii
Posted 2012-12-16 11:07:26 and read 10869 times.

Hi Guys,

Currently I own a D90 -or better said: my dad owns one- and I use it to spot planes. Now I would like to buy myself a body so I am not dependent on the fact that he needs it or not.

Currently if I'm right most tests say that the D7000 is the unofficial follow up to the D90. So I was looking at it but also saw the D5200 which surprisingly is a bit higher in price. Yet what would be the best option for aviation photography?



PS: Sorry if this stupid questions has been asked for over a million times, I could not find anything with the blue search button  

Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: yerbol
Posted 2012-12-16 19:43:42 and read 10815 times.

Hi Tom,
Bigger viewfinder, better weather sealing, faster shooting, extra screen, extra control buttons, better grip makes Nikon D7000 a better choice to me. I suppose D7000 will be better for you as it is closer to D90.
Good luck!

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Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: SNATH
Posted 2012-12-16 21:57:21 and read 10804 times.

Quoting yerbol (Reply 1):

I believe that the D5200 doesn't have AF micro-tuning (at least: all specs I've seen doesn't mention it) which would make it a deal-braker for me.


Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: Tomskii
Posted 2012-12-17 05:16:25 and read 10770 times.

Thank you both for the replies.

I read on a belgian photography forum that the D7000 tends to have problems with the autofocus e.g. not focussing on the object you want to but something in the back or in front of the object. Anyone has experience with this and on how to resolve it?

Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: yerbol
Posted 2012-12-17 18:58:30 and read 10730 times.

You may see a lot of great photos on taken by Nikon D7K and it proves its capability to do so.
You may stick to Nikon D90 which is also amazing camera by buying one for yourself and save some cash for lens.
It is all about person behind the   

Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: darreno1
Posted 2012-12-17 21:03:18 and read 10721 times.

Here's a quick comparison highlighting some of the features for both bodies:

With the D5200 you get a newer sensor with a higher megapixel count and some other in camera editing (HDR)and video-related goodies but give up some semi-pro like features:

-AF-fine tuning (nice to have when lenses are a little out of spec)
-Ability to focus and meter a wide range of lenses (e.g none AF-I and AF-S lenses can't be autofocused)
-Top LCD (not that big a deal but convenient)

to name a few..

I guess it will come down to where the emphasis is (e.g photo vs video) and how far you want to go with your hobby. The features listed above will be more valuable to a photo enthusiast than a casual user. You have evaluate your needs and decide which features are more important to you.

For me the D7000 is a no-brainer because of the AF-fine tune and greater lens support capabilities. I also like the fact that it has dual dials and dedicated buttons for many functions. For you that may not matter though so take it as just an opinion.

Also, for aviation pics both cameras are more than adequate by a mile. Even my previous body, an entry-level D3100 did an excellent job (with a decent lens of course).

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Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: Tomskii
Posted 2012-12-18 11:37:20 and read 10680 times.

Thanks to you both again.

Honestly the in camera HDR functions and all that bullshit (because basically it is) are a bit too 'I just started photographing-ish'. Secondly a DSLR for me still is a camera to take photo's and not video's so I honeslty wouldn't really care if the camera can film in 1080p at 60fps or not.

I think that I will go with the D7K since I firstly do not want to give up my second scroll wheel (waaay too easy when adjusting your aperture and shutter speed on the fly. And the 5200 just fails to impress me with the hardware it has. I feel like I would be compromising the stuff on the D90 with the 5200 whilst the 7K is pretty close/over it. Megapixels aren't all that either and like one of you said: It is all about the person behind the camera of course.

Would like to thank you for your help.


EDIT: Forgot to mention: for HDR's and all the other 5200 fancy stuff you can use photoshop as well lol :p

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Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: trvyyz
Posted 2012-12-21 14:31:48 and read 10514 times.

D7000 also has the CLS commander mode for flash. two dials, upper LCD display so you don't have to look leave the main lcd on for changing settings, AF fine tune, 6fps burst, AF motor to support non afs lenses.

Topic: RE: Nikon D5200 Or D7000
Username: AustinALlison
Posted 2012-12-21 22:54:20 and read 10492 times.

I have the D7000 and a D800, and the D7000 is a wonderful piece of equipment. The D800 is better, but for a DX crop sensor camera, the D7000 is top notch. You cannot go wrong with many (if any) Nikon products, so go with your heart.

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