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Topic: Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8 Lens (Canon Mount)
Username: paulinbna
Posted 2013-01-03 02:07:17 and read 5367 times.

Does anyone use this lens for aviation photography? And also does anyone use the sigma tele-convertors with the 70-200?

I am looking to replace my worn out 100-400 L and wondering how it handles aviation subjects and how well does the OS work. If anyone uses the tele-convertors with it could you share the results?

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Topic: RE: Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8 Lens (Canon Mount)
Username: Bestof79
Posted 2013-01-03 06:31:46 and read 5341 times.

Hi Paul,

i used this lens ( non OS-version ) together with the sigma 2x converter on a Nikon D90.
This combination was terrifying. With the converter it was nearly impossible to get sharp and colorful results. I always had to use F11 or higher to get the same sharpness like the lens will give you between F6.3 until F8.
The lens itself was OK-good contrast, sharp and also good colours but too soft from F2.8 until F4.5.
But i have to say that the sigma OS works absolute reliably-i own another sigma lens and never had any problems with the stabilizer.
At the same time i also had an older ( around 1995 or so ) sigma 400 / 5.6 with motor driven AF and this was definitely over the combination mentioned here before.

I hope I could help.


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