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Topic: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: LLA001
Posted 2013-08-03 13:00:49 and read 5266 times.

I would appreciate if anyone can give any spotting tips around Bodrum / Milas Airport in Turkey,

Topic: RE: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: hotplane
Posted 2013-08-04 02:40:40 and read 5229 times.

This is the photography forum.

Topic: RE: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: LLA001
Posted 2013-08-04 03:39:21 and read 5217 times.


Looking for places around the airport to shoot some photography?

Topic: RE: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: G-CIVP
Posted 2013-08-05 10:47:16 and read 5181 times.

Not sure whether the sun has finally got to Hotplane (!) but looking at the photos taken at Bodrum, the best bet is to contact Mehmet Mustafa Celik who appears to be expert on Turkish airfields. From the lack of photos on the database, you may need to take a good book and a sleeping bag to kill the time while at Bodrum.

Topic: RE: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: ptrjong
Posted 2013-08-06 03:55:59 and read 5129 times.

Hotplane is pointing out that spotting is writing down registrations.

The low number of photos from BJV might also indicate a difficult or unfriendly situation, of course. Ive never been there but the satellite map view shows that it's probably a military reserve base. Landing shots should not be difficult on the eastern side from the village of Ekinibari. But on the western side there's just a sea inlet/swamp. There's a road around the headland north of Güllük, but landing aicraft are probably too high there.


Topic: RE: Bodrum Airport Spotting Tips
Username: LLA001
Posted 2013-08-06 23:16:01 and read 5098 times.

It is a warm summer for all of us i guess  

Thank you G-CIVP for suggesting Celik, i will contact him to get some tips, about the books and sleeping bags, well Bodrum is a vacation destination in Turkey so i think i will only need a towel instead of sleeping bag  

Peter, I have landed a few times at Bodrum, in all of them planes landed from the east and took off from the west. Ekinibari village as you have suggested is probably my best shot for landing aircraft as departing aircraft will be too far away from nearest road. My longest lens is 200 mm so i have to get close to the airport without getting noticed by the security. That is why i am looking for someone who has done some shooting there.

Bodrum has a lot of both scheduled and chartered services in the summer as well as private airplane traffic. Most of the aircraft are 737 and 320 families but there are other types such as 767, 747s flying so there is a good combination of aircraft types and airlines. There is also one CL-215 stationed there for forrest fire fighting as well.

Thank you guys again for suggestions,

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