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Topic: Flatbed And Miore
Username: TomH
Posted 2002-03-03 00:02:18 and read 985 times.

I tried to scan a wonderful historic picture from an old newspaper. No matter what DPI setting I used, the dots on the paper produced a very noticeable miore pattern in the scanned image.

Eventually I gave up on the project, but I still want to know how to handle it in the future. Anyone know how to eliminate this problem either through hardware or software? This actually took place a couple of years ago, and it prevented me from using the photo in an article.

Topic: RE: Flatbed And Miore
Username: AirNikon
Posted 2002-03-03 00:12:49 and read 976 times.

Tom, you are at the mercy of your scanning software. Some have a 'descreening' feature, and others dont. With the feature you can specify how much descreening you want, depending on the media, ie newspaper or magazine.

When you scan something that has already been printed, you are only scanning a collection of 'dots'. The moire effect is annoying, unless the scanning software is told to correct for it. However, you will probably never get the perfect results that you are aiming for, as in continuous tone from a first generation photograph.

Topic: RE: Flatbed And Miore
Username: Glenn
Posted 2002-03-03 01:10:53 and read 960 times.

my old Umax scanner (rest it's sole) was able to scan in a multitude of ways. You could pick a selection of photograpgh, Magazine or Newspaper. The software then did magic and scanned for that DPI setting and produced wonderful results. My Canon FB 630P doesn't have this function, not that I use it much anymore.


Topic: RE: Flatbed And Miore
Username: G-CIVP
Posted 2002-03-03 14:32:40 and read 933 times.

See has hints on scanning from newspapers etc.

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