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Topic: Coincidence
Username: Jepol
Posted 2002-09-05 21:11:03 and read 1270 times.

I was looking at pictures on when I came across this picture
it looks a lot like picture id: 252881 by Gregg Stansbery on It is not from the same angle but from the same place Pensacola Fla and most likely same day. Two different photographers Gregg Stansbery for and AJ Clayton for photoSIG.

Topic: RE: Coincidence
Username: EGGD
Posted 2002-09-05 22:03:55 and read 1233 times.

lol awesome, thats pretty cool  Smile

Great that two people managed to capture it at the same time Big grin

Topic: RE: Coincidence
Username: Dazed767
Posted 2002-09-05 22:12:20 and read 1222 times.

Yeah those are two totally different photos. I wish I could have been there for that...

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