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Topic: PC Lenses
Username: Deaner
Posted 2002-10-24 04:20:53 and read 1592 times.

Evening all

Has any of you with the fancy dancy digital SLRs tried any shift or perspective control lenses? They make for some interesting photo-gymnastics. I'm sure you could find them for rent somewhere.

Extreme rises or shifts allow for strange viewpoints whilst keeping vertical lines as Nature intended.

I've got a bit of advantage with some of my lenses. My 210mm has a 300mm image circle so I can employ tremendous shifts.

Just another piece of pasta in the big alphabet soup of



Topic: RE: PC Lenses
Username: PPGMD
Posted 2002-10-24 04:24:27 and read 1556 times.

Not a big fan of them. They are complicated and expensive, it just takes too much time the field, compared to the time it takes in PS with a minimal loss of quality.

Topic: RE: PC Lenses
Username: Ckw
Posted 2002-10-24 09:45:27 and read 1523 times.

I've tried one, and while if I were doing a lot of architectural work I might invest, I couldn't justify it otherwise - and I don't think they compare to the flexibility offered by view cameras.

For my purposes, the perspective control offered by Photoshop is sufficient ... and a lot cheaper!



Topic: RE: PC Lenses
Username: Alaskaairlines
Posted 2002-10-24 09:53:16 and read 1521 times.

Dean nice pic! What kind of scanner do you use? And you do shoot medium format slides, correct?

The quality is just stunning!


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