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Topic: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: GotAirbus
Posted 2003-05-30 08:21:05 and read 3805 times.

I will be going to LAX for 2 days and was hoping to take some photos of aircrafts taking off/landing. I was hoping to ask couple of questions:

I heard about Sepulveda Blvd...Is it a good place to stop and take pictures??

I will be staying in the vicinity of Century Blvd, in an inn. Would I have opportunities for great photos? (see map below)

Also, has anyone been to LAX lately? I've been sifting through threads in lately to find that some people encounter policemen patrolling the LAX case, what would it be like??

Last question  Smile I have a Canon A70 Point&Shoot camera that also allows me to customize shutter settings, aperature, etc... Would I be able to reduce grain if I leave the ISO speed at 50? Also, what conditions requires the use of higher aperture values?



Topic: RE: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: L-188
Posted 2003-05-30 11:45:12 and read 3700 times.

You might want to consider dropping an E-mail to whomever does either the PR or the security for said airport and asking them for advice.

Having a return email or a name to drop to the cops wouldn't be a bad thing.

Topic: RE: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: Scooter
Posted 2003-05-30 13:35:56 and read 3695 times.

I'm up at LAX all the time (was last there a week ago), and the police will leave you alone as long as you stay away from the perimeter fence and private property (cargo lots).

This time of year, the lighting *sucks* for outdoor photography, unless you shoot very late in the afternoon. In that case, you need to be north of the runways, and the best spot for this is the "In 'n Out" burger place on Sepulveda blvd. There is a park right across the street that you can shoot 25R (or is it 24R?) arrivals that scream right over your head.

Word of warning though - with the downturn of aviation traffic all over the world, LAX can be "spotty" at times. I remember when there use to be a steady stream of traffic all day long, but now (especially on the north runways), lull periods lasting up to 30 minutes are possible in the afternoons.

Still my favorite airport in the whole world to shoot at though...

Topic: RE: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: 2912n
Posted 2003-05-30 15:39:12 and read 3683 times.

But be sure to have an In n Out burger! Double Double cheese with fries!

Imperial Hill should be open by the time you come, but you will need a car to get there (unless someone knows bus schedules...)

Topic: RE: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: Brick
Posted 2003-05-30 20:40:34 and read 3665 times.

Photography at the Imperial Hill is terrible this time of year. Same with the Proud Bird. Wait until late October to start shooting at these locations.

Summer is just not a good time for LAX. Very limited shooting times during the day and the sky is usually crummy.

I haven't been there in a while, but you might get some decent morning shots inside the Tom Bradley terminal (of the "50 yard line") since you are facing west. Before I get 1000 e-mails telling me I need to ticket to get in there, I'm talking about the part upstairs from the ticket counters outside of security. This photo was taken from there:

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott
Denver, CO

Topic: RE: 1st Time LAX Spotting & Terror Alert...need Advice
Username: FutureFO
Posted 2003-05-31 03:01:17 and read 3622 times.

The Food court in the TBIT is the place where the previous thread was about. I have setup shop there before and not been bothered. Also it is 24R/L that you can see from In 'N Out Burger. But I would rather do the LAX thing in the fall due to the way summers are around the airport. If you could catch a van go to LGB, LA's other airport.


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